[UPDATED] SFBP #47 Malice in Wonderland LookBook

We’re going back to Wonderland, but it’s a different and darker world than yesterday! Ride with us as we visit the land of undead White Rabbits, ghost like Cheshire cats, and truly Mad Hatters. The land of Malice in Wonderland is filled with dark and creepy creatures, skeletons, ghosts and goblins, and all things that go bump in the night! Here are some ideas to get your costume gears turning.  We can’t wait to see what you come up with.  Ding Ding!

UPDATE: Meet at Potrero del Sol Park on Utah St, just south of 25th St. Gather at 7:30PM, roll out at 8PM! 


Alice is all grown up! Original Image here.

red queen with flamingos

I’m in love with being queen! Original Image here.

black dapper mad hatter

This mad hatter is rather dapper, if you ask me. Original image here.

red queen with hair

She’s so mad at Alice, she’s seeing red! Original Image here.


Cheshire Cat Costume? Done and Done! Original Image here.


This Mad Hatter rides with stilts at his own risk! Original image here.

Alice_tweedle twins bike

Thanks for the lift, boys! Original Image here.

Alice Mountain bike

Ride hard, Alice! The queen is after your head! Original image here.

white rabbit-bike

This White Rabbit T-Shirt will help you keep time! Original image here.


Don’t forget about the Doormouse. He’s too cute! Original image here.


Did someone say Meow? Original image here.


OFF WITH HER HEAD!!! Original image here.


Zombies in Wonderland!


Looks like Alice and the Madd Hatter ran out of food for their tea party…

alice on bike

A bike is a great way to outrun zombies!


Watch out! The Cheshire Cat is going to get you.

female cosplay white rabbit

Don’t be late for Bike Party!

alice and mouse_black and white

Is this creepy, or what?


This fuzzy widdle bunny rabbit… (shudder)


Be careful, Alice will cut you!


We hope we’ve inspired you to finish your costume and come out with us on Friday, November 7th. Meet at Potrero del Sol Park on Utah St, just south of 25th St. Gather at 7:30PM, roll out at 8PM!

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SFBP #46: Hardly Strictly Homecoming LookBook

We’re Hardly in High School anymore, but that doesn’t Strictly matter. Let’s take a step back in time and celebrate HARDLY STRICTLY HOMECOMING!

Break out your finest duds, your vintage prom dresses, your football helmets, your old cheerleading outfits. Let’s recreate one of the biggest nights of our teenage years (except with less drama over Mickey flirting with Hailey when he’s totally your date). Dress up, get down, let’s Bike Paaaaarty!

Meet up at 7:30pm, roll out at 8pm! Meet at the west side of Kezar Stadium, at the intersection of  Lincoln, Kezar, and Arguello.Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 9.52.01 AM

Volunteers who take a turn will be entered in a super special raffle. Find us at the green flag to sign up! And don’t forget to tag us in your photos, use #sfbikeparty or #sfbike

Well that’s one way to style your formal denim…with your HS girl/boyfriend.

Don’t for get something for your date!

Get your roll on!


Fancy denim on a fancy man! (via revaldenimguild.com)


Who doesn’t need a denim kit? (available at albabici.com)

Even Canadians need something formal to wear!

Dress available for purchase if you have the spurs for it!


Nothing says bluegrass class like a denim cummerbund (via theDandyproject.com)

Denim kimono created by Rina Karibe

Let’s all agree to not pick on the telekinetic girl this year, please!

Seeeeeee! Just don’t do it. Let’s all be nice this Homecoming, shall we?

Now *that’s* how you celebrate your Homecoming court!

Go ahead, we know you want to cheer on the home team!


The gents from UW – Platteville Cycling club know how to style their denim!


Safe and fashionable for your big night!

Who said bike used bike parts were trash? Upcycle your accessories!


Denim corsage for your date? Don’t mind if I do! (find the tutorial on how to give an old pair of jeans new life over at denimdoover.com)

Corsage anyone?


And don’t forget to decorate your bike!


Or a fashionable way to protect said bike (via ecouterre.com)

For the sporty dapper dandy inside us all!


Now let’s see if your Principal will let you wear *these* blue jeans to the dance?


Break Free of those stuffy jeans and go for the airy shorts for your formal look! (via realguyswearties.com)

Bike Party asks all bicyclist to follow the How We Ride to promote a positive community during our rides.


Stay in the Right Lane
Stop at Red Lights
Leave No Trace
Ride Predictably and in Control
Roll Past Conflict
Ride Prepared
When in Doubt, “Bike Party!!”

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[RECAP] SFBC #45: Remembering Robin

 What a beautiful and touching way to remember a SF local. Robin you were hilarious, raunchy, generous, and loving. SF Bike Party and about 370 of our closest friends rode out on the first Friday of the month to celebrate the life of Robin Williams. Here are a few photos from our ride. Please share your photos on Twitter, IG, Flickr, or FB and tag them using #sfbikeparty…

Next Bike Party will be on October 3rd. Meet up at 7:30PM, roll out 8PM, start location TBA. And a huge thanks to all our wonderful organizers and volunteers. Remember that Bike Party can’t happen without your help, so if you’ve been before please help us by taking a turn! Ding Ding!


Mork & Seymour enjoying the twilight (foto by chinstrap)


Friends and Family (foto by chinstrap)


Popeye, Patch and friend making sure to fuel up on spinach before the ride! (foto by chinstrap)


Gotta get that fuel for our ride! Now the real question is, WHO MAKES THE BEST BURRITO IN SF?!?!!! (foto by chinstrap)

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SFBP #45 Remember Robin Williams Route Map and Turn Guide

We can’t wait to see you on September 5th for our 45th Bike Party. Check out the route in advance so you can help us keep the party rolling in the right direction!


And if you need a Turn by Turn, you can find that here!


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SFBP #45: Remembering Robin Williams LookBook

This month San Francisco Bike Party is celebrating the life and work of noted cycling enthusiast and Bay Area resident Robin Williams. His presence, grace and humor touched our lives, and left an indelible legacy. Now SFBP has chosen to honor this bike riding funny man with a Bike Party! Let’s send Mork home to Ork in true Bay Area fashion. Please come representing your favorite Robin Williams character or movie, from Jumanji to Patch Adams, from Happy Feet to Mrs. Doubtfire and beyond. Robin loved this city, and he loved bikes, what better way to celebrate his life than a ride in his honor? If you can’t remember his incredible body of work, here’s a look back with our LookBook.

Robin with mustache

<3 <3 <3

patch-adams_red nose

Patch Adams



Night at the Museum



Robin as peter pan

Peter Pan

Mrs. Doubtfire look alike on a bike

Believe it or not, this is not the original Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire

She sure did know how to ride a bike like a pro, though, didn’t she?

Don't for get about the Genie!

Don’t for get about the Genie!


Mork and Mindy!

robin bike 2


Robin bikes with Ellen

Robin and Ellen


Happy Feet!

Robin 1

Meet us at the Basketball courts in the Panhandle on Friday, September 5th at 7:30pm.  We roll at 8:00!

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[RECAP] SFBP #44 Gold Rush

Thanks all our prospectors, saloon girls, miners and just Bike Partiers for rolling out with us to boomtown! We had about 250 of our closest friends join us through the gold lined streets of San Francisco. What a blast! Here are a few of our favorite photos. Don’t forget to tag us in yours and use #sfbikeparty #sfbp #bikeparty on Twitter, IG, Flickr, or FB

Join us at our next Bike Party where we’ll be remembering SF’s own Robin Williams. Friday, September 5th, meet up 7:30PM, roll out 8PM. Location TBA



These 49ers are ready to roll! (foto by chinstrap)


SF Bike Party

Foto by bright.fog



Two lovely miners ready to ride! (foto by chinstrap)


California Gold Rush #sfbikeparty #ebbikeparty #summeroffun #bikehistory

A photo posted by San Jose Bike Party (@sanjosebikeparty) on

Foto by sanjosebikeparty



Chopper Dave and his Iron Horse (foto by chinstrap)


#sfbikeparty !!

A photo posted by Natalie Hopner (@natlerbratler) on

Foto by natlerbratler



Gah them teeth! (foto by chinstrap)



The family that rides together….(foto by chinstrap)



….stays together!! (foto by chinstrap)

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SFBP #44: California Gold Rush LookBook

It’s that time again, Bike Partiers!  We’re rolling deep through this boom town on Friday, August 1st, and we sure do hope you can join us!  If you need help with your costume, then you’ve struck gold, we’ve got your lookbook right here! Whether you’re a prospector, cowboy, saloon girl or Gold Rush millionaire, you’ve got this!

For those of you who like a very literal interpretation.  This is a gold helmet!

For those of you who like a very literal interpretation, this is a gold helmet! Safety first!

CGR 13

Annie, get your bike!

CGR 12

You know you want to wear your chaps with fringe. It’s a party, after all!

CGR 11

Dapper Dudes, Gold Rush style.

CGR 10

Dance hall dolls! Get your sexy on!


Pre 1900 was really the peak time for good fringe in America.


Single speed > Horse? We think so!


He’s got a mustache to match his handlebars!


Who needs the train? Not this guy!


Something is not quite pre-industrial revolution about this picture…


Now this is how you bike camp in style!


Can you say “Gold Rush”? Repiten: “Gold Rush”!


4 bike power!


This is what Bush and Kearny looked like in 1877, right in the middle of San Francisco’s historic Barbary Coast. We’ll be checking out the neighborhood on our Bike Party Route. Hope to see you there!

Meet us in the parking lot at the corner of Front and Union streets at 7:30pm.  We head west to find our fortunes at 8:00.  Ding Ding!



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