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CANCELLED – Due to Rain: SFBP #35 Winter in Wonderland

TokyoBike-by-Zabou3Alright Bike Partiers. It’s starting to drizzle with steady showers predicted this evening, and in the interests of safety and the preservation of music bikes we are going to POSTPONE this month’s party (trust us, we’re bummed too).
That being said – next month we will be turning THREE! Stay tuned for details and start getting excited now, because it’s going to be a big one. We can’t wait to see you there. In the meantime bike safely, stay warm and dry, and donate any toys you purchased to one of these fire stations!

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Recap: SFBP #34 Haunted House


This Halloween hangover was no hangover at all! What a beautiful night, a beautiful ride and lots of amazing outfits. Thanks to everyone who rolled through and helped make us have another wonderful Bike Party! Want to help make Bike Party awesome? Come out, volunteer and take a turn. It’s easy and you can do it with your friends. We had about 300 ghouls, goblins and ghosts join us at Dolores Park Playground as we gathered for our 34th Bike Party!


This skeleton is ready to ride bikes! (foto by sfbp)

Bikes coming out to play at Bike Party! (foto by Kaveh Astaneh)


Everyone is dressing up (foto by sfbp)


Unicorns abound! (foto by sfbp)


Flying Squirrels! (foto by sfbp)


These folks are ready to BIKE PARTY! (foto by sfbp)

These two have got it right (foto by Ganesh Chandra)


Born to ride (foto by sfbp)


Tall bikes & RideSFO folks are always down to Bike Party! (foto by sfbp)


*shudder* (foto by sfbp)


The call to ride out!! (foto by sfbp)


Not only is her outfit stylish, she’s hella safe as well! (foto by sfbp)

Overlooking the party (foto by Edward Scott)


This chicken is ready to ride some bikes (foto by sfbp)


Cookie monsters & Valkyries, what could go wrong? (foto by sfbp)


Chopper Dave, always bringing the cool (foto by sfbp)


Monsters! (foto by sfbp)

Traveling Bike Party (foto by Kaveh Astaneh)

Do NOT try this at home, Mark is a professional…(foto by Kaveh Astaneh)


Fire spinner at the last party stop (foto by sfbp)

Watch an awesome video of the fire spinning here:


Club Kid, hiker and Cruella de Vil (foto by sfbp)


Monsters underfoot (foto by sfbp)


Monsters all around! (foto by sfbp)

Thank you again to all our wonderful volunteers, turn-guides and music bike riders. You all make Bike Party a party! Please join us for our next ride on December 6th.  We are going down the rabbit hole, and we are bringing our bikes! WINTER IN WONDERLAND! Meet up at 7:30PM roll out at 8PM. Location TBA.

And in the spirit of the holidays, we’ll once again be hosting a toy drive! Bring new stuffed animals, whoopie cushions, legos and hot wheels, and we’ll drop them off at a fire station at the end of the party. Have a cargo bike and willing to collect toys on the ride? Send us a message, we’d love your help!

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SFBP #33 Favorite Childhood Toys Recap

Wow what a party!! Some of us didn’t stop until 6 in the morning! Our start at the Panhandle statue began with a little blue grass. First by our very own local cry-in-your-beer-grass band, The Beauty Operators. And then to warm up our night, Hot Buttered Rum rocked it before we rolled out into the San Francisco night.

Hot Buttered Rum! (foto by Misti Layne 2013)

The Beauty Operators (foto by Misti Layne 2013)

(foto by Misti Layne 2013)

(foto by RideSFO)

(foto by Misti Layne 2013)

(foto by Kaveh Astaneh)

Did you get check out the murals we rode past? If you missed em, the route would be a wonderful day ride as well!
(foto by imchrispyy)

(foto by jaisun, Jellies courtesy of Sascha and Chloe!)
Keep an eye out for these glowing jellies, we’re hoping they’ll swarm another bike party soon!!

(foto by Kaveh Astaneh)

(foto by risinson18)

(foto by chicago_black_hipster)

(foto by cybeleolsen)

(foto by charrismo, Music Bike by Sree)

(foto by Kaveh Astaneh)

(foto by hellanice)

(foto by Kaveh Astaneh)

(foto by tattooedbob)

(foto by Kaveh Astaneh)

(foto by tattooedbob)

(foto by RideSFO)

We finished at RideSFO, who graciously hosted our last party stop. With beer donations from Alaskan Brewing Co & and local brewers Speakeasy Beer and your thirsty help we were able to raise over $400 for several local bike centered nonprofits. A portion of the proceeds went to McLaren Bike Park, San Francisco’s first bike skills park and to San Francisco Yellow Bike Project, a local nonprofit community bike shop. We couldn’t have asked for a better turnout. Who woulda thought that Bike Partying with your friends could help do some good in the world?

Still excited from our last ride and can’t get enough Bike Party? Don’t you worry: if you grab a costume, we’ll grab a bike, because this is the end of the rest of your life. Join us on Nov. 1st for A Haunted House Hangover Bike Party. Our Halloween will be more fun on 2 wheels! Bring your Jason mask, it’s fright night! Gather at 7:30PM roll out at 8PM! Location TBA.

And for you tech savvy folks don’t forget to use #sfbikeparty so we can share your photos. Follow us:


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SFBP #32 Fleet Week Recap

The sequester may have cancelled the Blue Angels but Bike Party brought the BOOM. Around 350 folks joined us as we rolled out on one of the warmest nights the city has seen by far. We gathered at the Bow and Arrow as the Sailors, Airmen, pin up babes, and even a few members of S.E.A.L. Team 6 came together to enjoy shore leave. Here are a few shots of the ride. And don’t forget to tag your photos of San Francisco Bike Party with @sfbikeparty or #sfbikeparty.

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

Our flight is about to begin (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

Sailors ahoy! (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

Travis getting retro at the Bow (foto by chinstrap)

Sunset on the Fleet (foto by Allison Shiman)

sfbp#32 fleet week

These grease monkeys keep your boats afloat (foto by calitexican)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

Deland got it right at her first bike party! (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

Mia & Anna made wings to carry them home! (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

Pan-Anna Airlines! (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

CaliforMIA Air! (foto by chinstrap)

sfbp#32 fleet week

What a greeting for this lucky sailor! (foto by calitexican)

We even spotted a few folks riding the new Bay Area Bike Share bikes at Bike Party! We love anything that’ll get more people on bikes!! But let’s hope they didn’t get charged a late fee :(

sfbp#32 fleet week

Bay Area Bike Share Celest making an appearance (foto by calitexican)

sfbp#32 fleet week

Ooooheey Sailor!! (foto by calitexican)

sfbp#32 fleet week

Bay lights & bike flights (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

These sailors are sure excited for shore leave! (foto by chinstrap)

sfbp#32 fleet week

A heroic return of the sailor (foto by calitexican)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

S.E.A.L. Team 6 reporting for duty! (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

Some of our sailors event went to Space! (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

FREEDUMB (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

What a dapper Sailor (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

Camouflaged S.E.A.L. Team 6 is ready for BIKE PARTY!! (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

A vintage sailor (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

At ease, Sailor! (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

Malcolm designed this speaker bike system. Thanks for sharing it’s maiden voyage with us! (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

More BABS flying about (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

Looks like IceMan is ready for that game of volleyball at the next party stop (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

This guy is the most talented rickshaw rider EVER. He was playing the bongos, a cymbal on his handlebars while also playing the harmonica with two passengers. Like a boss. (foto by chinstrap)

Thank you again to all our volunteers! Each of our turns are managed by our hard working volunteers. Because of your help Bike Party can be a safe and successful party every month. We need your help to keep bike party rolling smoothly so please consider taking a turn at our next event.  Look out for our volunteer coordinator at the meet up location and don’t be shy!

Next Bike Party: ‘SFBP #33 Favorite Childhood Toy’ plays out October 4th, meet up at 7:30PM, roll out at 8PM. Location TBA. Stay tuned!

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SFBP #31 Summer Camp Recap

Summer camp is over. We’ve returned home and unpacked all our treasures from our summer away from home. Friendship bracelets, shells, colored rocks, feathers, and friendships that will last us the rest of our lives. On a balmy San Francisco night a few hundred campers joined us as we cycled through the memories of our childhood summer camps.


SFBP Camp Counselors ready to greet the campers! (foto by Haparider)


Crafty camper ready for engineer camp! (foto by calitexican)


Campers warming their hands by the music fire (foto by calitexican)


You can never forget your first summer camp crush (foto by calitexican)


Friendship bracelets for EVERYONE! (foto by calitexican)


Your ride to science camp is ready (foto by calitexican)


Sun protection is a hot commodity at summer camp (foto by calitexican)


These campers are excited to roll out to our next stop (foto by calitexican)


“Campers your care packages are available for pick up at the main office!” (foto by calitexican)


Campers with cold weather sweaters (foto by calitexican)


Happy Campers!! (foto by calitexican)


Canadian lumberjack axman camp o_O (foto by calitexican)

This camper was tuckered out! (foto Kaveh Astaneh)

These campers are excited for camp fire sing-a-long! (foto by Kaveh Astaneh)

Party stop (foto by Rasta Dave)

City Hall (foto Rasta Dave)

We want to remind folks to lock up their bikes when at the party stops. Be mindful of your surroundings, on and off the bike. But remember have fun and when in doubt BIKE PARTY!! See you all at the next bike party, FIRST FRIDAY of the MONTH. Meet up at 7:30PM roll out at 8PM!

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SFBP #30 Robot Revolution Recap


The Robot Army united under a banner of mechanical freedom this month. It was wonderful to see the ingenuity of your costumes and interpretations of the July theme! Foil was definitely the queen of the ride. Keep ‘em coming cause we know you got it in you!!

As it is every month, we couldn’t do this ride without our core of awesome volunteers. Thank you! Because of you our revolution machine ran without a hitch. Want to help, but don’t know how? It’s easy enough; sign up for a turn. What’s a turn, you say? It’s a mini party stop with you and a few of your closest friends as you help direct the ride and help make Bike Party run smoothly. Come find a volunteer organizer with a blue sash next month to sign up and help!

The Gathering (photo by Carina Lomeli)

SFBP #30 Robot Revolution

Handmade silver awesomeness! (photo from Hapa Rider)

SFBP #30 Robot Revolution

Adam & Cathy tandem robots! (photo from Hapa Rider)

Star Wars ALWAYS WINS! (photo from Rasta Dave)

SFBP #30 Robot Revolution

Mike iphone 15 (photo credit Hapa Rider)

SFBP #30 Robot Revolution

Derek made his robot friend from repurposed lab supplies (photo from Hapa Rider)

SFBP #30 Robot Revolution

Steven, Booth, and friend! Even with some low tech Google Glasses! (photo from Hapa Rider)

SFBP #30 Robot Revolution

No need to turn on this robot, she’s got it! (photo by Hapa Rider)

Robots are BORING…(photo by Carina Lomeli)

Chasing the San Francisco sunset (photo by Carina Lomeli)

No discriminating here, one wheeled robots are always welcome! (photo by Carina Lomeli)

Ocean beach – Party Stop #1 (photo Carina Lomeli)


Chopper Dave’s newest chopper (photo by Kristin Tieche)


Ocean beach was a little cold for our humanoid riders (photo by Kristin Tieche)


TRONing it! (photo by Kristin Tieche)


The robot made it to the beach! (photo by Kristin Tieche)


Robot reflections (photo by Kristin Tieche)


The revolution will not be motorized! (photo by Kristin Tieche)

Beachy rebels (photo by Rasta Dave)


Some pros just go! (photo by Kristin Tieche)


Party stop at Ocean beach (photo by Kristin Tieche)

These hills were NOTHING to our machine powered pedalbots! But hills always mean great views. And this ride was not lacking in that department. The warm, wind-free pocket we had at Sutro Heights Park was the perfect place to cool down our hard drives and watch the fires burn on Ocean Beach.

Take the high ground to win the war.

Capturing the high ground to win the war! (photo Carina Lomeli)

The captured flag (photo by Carina Lomeli)

The rebellion burns bright in the night (photo by Carina Lomeli)

Lighting the revolution! (photo by Carina Lomeli)

Best views of the night (photo by Carina Lomeli)

The battle, let alone the war would not have been won without you. So please keep up the support! The revolution will not be motorized and our bicycles are the vehicles of change!! The rebels will be trading our revolution gear for bug spray and floaty wings as we head to camp. Join us on August 2nd as SF Bike Party heads to Summer Camp. Meet your counselors at 7:30pm on August 2nd. Your ride to camp rolls out at 8:00 sharp! Check back for further details and costume ideas in our Lookbook for August.

And when in doubt, BIKE PARTY!!

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SFBP #30 Robot Revolution LookBook

Are you ready Robot Riders? It’s time to suit up for the revolution. Whether you are a member of the robot army, a human resistance fighter, a robot-human hybrid, or just a tekkie, make sure you come ready to roll! Here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing!


Yes, let’s!


Rebel Alliance X-Wing Pilots

Bike Party will not be televised.

It's T-Shirt time! Image via

It’s T-Shirt time!
Image via

Light up the night with a robot inspired helmet. Image via

Light up the night with a robot inspired helmet.
Image via

For serious.  It's time to get crafty!

For serious. It’s time to get crafty!

You can follow the easy instructions to make yourself a robot costume here.

This robot just wants to make you a banana smoothie.  So Sweet! photo via

This robot just wants to make you a banana smoothie. So Sweet! photo via

You can watch this adorable robot above ride this bike all by itself here.  There is, sadly, no footage of it making me a smoothie.

If you want to get really advanced with your costuming, build a robot to help pedal your tandem bicycle and show that humans and robots can coexist!

That’s all folks.  We can’t wait for you to join the revolution on Friday, July 5th! Meet us at the James A. Garfield Statue at the Conservatory of Flowers at 7:30pm.  We roll promptly at 8:00! Ding Ding!


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SFBP #15 Lookbook: Animal Kingdom

SFBP’s next ride: April 6th at 7:30PM ~ Start at Koret Children’s Quarter in Golden Gate Park (near the carousel) Route TBA

San Francisco: an urban jungle ruled by wild beasts. Some of us walk on two legs, some walk on four legs, others walk on six legs. Some of us fly, some hop, some saunter and some crawl or slither.  Here are a few images to help let your inner animal out.

                                                                                                   For our sistas! (

Or if you’re not feeling up for dressing up, don’t keep your bike from participating! Here are a few looks just for your faithful steed.

And now for a musical interlude:

Directed by Damon Gameau
Tropfest Australia

Come roar and slither with us at our next bike party! April 6th at 7:30PM ~ Start at Koret Children’s Quarter in Golden Gate Park (near the carousel) Route TBA


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SFBP #15 Lookbook: Dr. Seuss

SFBP’s next ride: March 2nd at 7:30 pm ~ Start Patricia’s Green (Octavia btwn Hayes & Fell ~ Route]

Cat in the Hat

“We looked!
Then we saw him
step in on the mat!
We looked!
And we saw him!
The Cat in the Hat!”

“I know it is wet
And the sun is not sunny.
But we can have
Lots of good fun
that is funny!”


Dr. Seuss

See yourself as most of the author type? Not actually ironically large glasses, check. Bow tie, check. Mild fear of children, check. Paintbrush & pens, check. Grab your anapestic tetrameter and come down to our next bike party!

(the man has his own stamp!)


One Fish

Two Fish

Red Fish

Blue Fish


The Lorax

Protector of the trees. Mystical creature. Mischief maker. Help celebrate the beauty of the Bar-ba-Loots, Swomee Swans, Humming Fish and most importantly the Truffula Trees!


The Grinch & Whoville

Cartoons not much your style but you’re a wiz with hairspray and a styling comb? Check out the various and yet all gravity defying hairstyles of the citizens of Whoville.

Cindy Lou Who can show you a thing or two…

See yourself a little darker? Less understood by people? And you’ve managed to find a cozy place atop Mt. Crumpit, which you share with your loyal dog….you’re in luck our misunderstood friend! Come get those tiny hearts pumping with the rest of the Whoville community on a bike ride!

(not to mention this might be a good opportunity to wear your ironic holiday sweater again.)

(and your spare pair of lederhosen)


We like to ride,

Fast and free.

Up hills and down

With S-F-B-P!!!

Next ride Friday, March 2nd 7:30PM ~ Start Patricia’s Green (Octavia btwn Hayes & Fell ~ Route]


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SFBP #14 recap: Monster Bash!

[Next SFBP ride -- March 2nd, @7:30PM ~ Start Patricia's Green (Octavia btwn Hayes & Fell ~ Route]

A gigantic thank you to all our riders who made it out to our February Monster Bash! It was….well a bash! Around 200+ riders rolled out with us from the further afield start, but embraced the unexplored spaces of our beautiful city.  From our chocolatey start (next to a Sees Candy factory) we meandered down through Visitation Valley and into Little Hollywood. Thanks to all our volunteers and if you’d like to help make Bike Party awesome, please come out and volunteer with us for a turn!

(photo by numbnutzz)

(photo by numbnutzz)

(photo by pocketsandninja)

(photo by numbnutzz)

(photo by pocketsandninja)

At the first stop we had some great turn out from the neighborhood! And thanks to all our riders who were respectful of riding through residential neighborhoods, we love being nice neighbors!

(photo by calitexican)

And those girls weren’t scared at all of our monsters! Even the more frightening ones…

(photo pocketsandninja)

(photo pocketsandninja)

Those girls were keeping up!

(photo numbnutzz)

Me thinks we see a proper MONSTER BASH!!!

(photo numbnutzz)

(photo numbnutzz)

Our second leg was a bit longer and little steeper, but the views and party stop made it all worthsfbp the sweat!

(photo pocketsandninja)
(photo by calitexican)


A true fan.

(photo pocketsandninja)


Keep fires bike-top!

(photo pocketsandninja)

(photo pocketsandninja)

(photo pocketsandninja)


Tall bike spotting!

(photo pocketsandninja)

Our third leg brought us quickly down from the hills to the flats and into the industrial side of the city. And for those non-skaters we ended our amazing monster ride at the skate park overlooking Islais Creek. We had another great month with you and all our riders. Because we are a volunteer based organization, we can’t do it without you! Come join us on March 2nd for our next ride and help us make Bike Party a PARTY!!!!

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