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CANCELLED – Due to Rain: SFBP #35 Winter in Wonderland

TokyoBike-by-Zabou3Alright Bike Partiers. It’s starting to drizzle with steady showers predicted this evening, and in the interests of safety and the preservation of music bikes we are going to POSTPONE this month’s party (trust us, we’re bummed too).
That being said – next month we will be turning THREE! Stay tuned for details and start getting excited now, because it’s going to be a big one. We can’t wait to see you there. In the meantime bike safely, stay warm and dry, and donate any toys you purchased to one of these fire stations!

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Recap: SFBP #34 Haunted House


This Halloween hangover was no hangover at all! What a beautiful night, a beautiful ride and lots of amazing outfits. Thanks to everyone who rolled through and helped make us have another wonderful Bike Party! Want to help make Bike Party awesome? Come out, volunteer and take a turn. It’s easy and you can do it with your friends. We had about 300 ghouls, goblins and ghosts join us at Dolores Park Playground as we gathered for our 34th Bike Party!


This skeleton is ready to ride bikes! (foto by sfbp)

Bikes coming out to play at Bike Party! (foto by Kaveh Astaneh)


Everyone is dressing up (foto by sfbp)


Unicorns abound! (foto by sfbp)


Flying Squirrels! (foto by sfbp)


These folks are ready to BIKE PARTY! (foto by sfbp)

These two have got it right (foto by Ganesh Chandra)


Born to ride (foto by sfbp)


Tall bikes & RideSFO folks are always down to Bike Party! (foto by sfbp)


*shudder* (foto by sfbp)


The call to ride out!! (foto by sfbp)


Not only is her outfit stylish, she’s hella safe as well! (foto by sfbp)

Overlooking the party (foto by Edward Scott)


This chicken is ready to ride some bikes (foto by sfbp)


Cookie monsters & Valkyries, what could go wrong? (foto by sfbp)


Chopper Dave, always bringing the cool (foto by sfbp)


Monsters! (foto by sfbp)

Traveling Bike Party (foto by Kaveh Astaneh)

Do NOT try this at home, Mark is a professional…(foto by Kaveh Astaneh)


Fire spinner at the last party stop (foto by sfbp)

Watch an awesome video of the fire spinning here:


Club Kid, hiker and Cruella de Vil (foto by sfbp)


Monsters underfoot (foto by sfbp)


Monsters all around! (foto by sfbp)

Thank you again to all our wonderful volunteers, turn-guides and music bike riders. You all make Bike Party a party! Please join us for our next ride on December 6th.  We are going down the rabbit hole, and we are bringing our bikes! WINTER IN WONDERLAND! Meet up at 7:30PM roll out at 8PM. Location TBA.

And in the spirit of the holidays, we’ll once again be hosting a toy drive! Bring new stuffed animals, whoopie cushions, legos and hot wheels, and we’ll drop them off at a fire station at the end of the party. Have a cargo bike and willing to collect toys on the ride? Send us a message, we’d love your help!

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SFBP #33 Favorite Childhood Toys Recap

Wow what a party!! Some of us didn’t stop until 6 in the morning! Our start at the Panhandle statue began with a little blue grass. First by our very own local cry-in-your-beer-grass band, The Beauty Operators. And then to warm up our night, Hot Buttered Rum rocked it before we rolled out into the San Francisco night.

Hot Buttered Rum! (foto by Misti Layne 2013)

The Beauty Operators (foto by Misti Layne 2013)

(foto by Misti Layne 2013)

(foto by RideSFO)

(foto by Misti Layne 2013)

(foto by Kaveh Astaneh)

Did you get check out the murals we rode past? If you missed em, the route would be a wonderful day ride as well!
(foto by imchrispyy)

(foto by jaisun, Jellies courtesy of Sascha and Chloe!)
Keep an eye out for these glowing jellies, we’re hoping they’ll swarm another bike party soon!!

(foto by Kaveh Astaneh)

(foto by risinson18)

(foto by chicago_black_hipster)

(foto by cybeleolsen)

(foto by charrismo, Music Bike by Sree)

(foto by Kaveh Astaneh)

(foto by hellanice)

(foto by Kaveh Astaneh)

(foto by tattooedbob)

(foto by Kaveh Astaneh)

(foto by tattooedbob)

(foto by RideSFO)

We finished at RideSFO, who graciously hosted our last party stop. With beer donations from Alaskan Brewing Co & and local brewers Speakeasy Beer and your thirsty help we were able to raise over $400 for several local bike centered nonprofits. A portion of the proceeds went to McLaren Bike Park, San Francisco’s first bike skills park and to San Francisco Yellow Bike Project, a local nonprofit community bike shop. We couldn’t have asked for a better turnout. Who woulda thought that Bike Partying with your friends could help do some good in the world?

Still excited from our last ride and can’t get enough Bike Party? Don’t you worry: if you grab a costume, we’ll grab a bike, because this is the end of the rest of your life. Join us on Nov. 1st for A Haunted House Hangover Bike Party. Our Halloween will be more fun on 2 wheels! Bring your Jason mask, it’s fright night! Gather at 7:30PM roll out at 8PM! Location TBA.

And for you tech savvy folks don’t forget to use #sfbikeparty so we can share your photos. Follow us:


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triple party bike party for SFBP #33

we’ve got quite the line up for you guys! route to come (some construction on one of our turns, so we need to revamp map and turn-by-turn)

we can help bike party leave on time if we get enough volunteers. we love our volunteers, so please step up and take a turn tomorrow night!

7:00-7:30: beauty operators
7:30-8:00: hot buttered rum!!!!
8:00 – 11ish: SFBP!!
11ish to ??: party at rideSFO with a costume contest, DJ providing beats, boombotix, beer from alaskan brewing and speakeasy (beer proceeds go to sf yellow bike and mclaren bike park)

we will have our shirts for sale. get ready to have a great time bike partiers!

if you can BYOCup, that would be great for less clean up and less waste! otherwise we’ll have cups for sale. (that’s right– we are serious about packing your trash).

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Join San Francisco Bike Party for Tour de Fat

We are pleased to announce that San Francisco Bike Party will be partnering with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition by leading the New Belgium’s Tour de Fat Bike Parade!

If wearing costumes, riding bikes, listening to live music and drinking beer are things you like – and let’s face it, they are – then don’t miss the Tour de Fat THIS SATURDAY (9/21) in San Francisco! Gather up your friends, family and neighbors and come enjoy eclectic entertainment and delicious beer, all while helping our friends at the SF Bicycle Coalition raise funds. The event is free, yet all proceeds from merchandise sales, beer and donations from parade participants will help make San Francisco a better place to ride a bike.

We love, love, LOVE Tour de Fat and we are thrilled to be taking an active role in the event this year. We can’t wait to see you this Saturday, Sep. 21 from 10am-5pm (parade registration at 10am) at Lindley Meadow in Golden Gate Park.

TdF is a “costumes encouraged” event, so make sure to bring your best bike party style to the parade, we promise you won’t be alone.  Visit for more information.  

We will be tabling after the bike parade – please stop by to get more information about what we do and how you can get more involved in San Francisco Bike Party!

we were at tour de fat last year…
tour-de-fat_costumes on bikes
Are you ready for a bike parade?
Costumes really strongly encouraged!
don’t forget your bikey dress
slow race!!
more slow race!!
Did we mention the marching band?
Crowd TdF
Talk about a dance party!

There will be plenty of bike parking at the event, both self parking and valet bike parking provided for free by the San Francisco Bike Coalition. And don’t forget to drink and ride responsibly. Ding Ding!

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SFBP #31 Summer Camp: No Parents Allowed LookBook

Pack your bags, blow up your water wings and don’t forget your bug spray because San Francisco Bike Party is going to Summer Camp! Whether you went to science camp, sports camp or were team captain in color war, it’s time to relive the glory days. No parents allowed! Meet your counselors at 7:30pm on August 2nd. Your ride to camp rolls out at 8:00 sharp! If you need help with your campy look, we’re here for you! Check out some options below, use your imagination, and don’t forget to dance!

Graphic by Logo Larry.  Thanks Again!

Graphic by Logo Larry. Thanks Again!

You can’t go wrong with Mountain BIke Camp! Original image here.


Because Mountain Bike Camp is way fun! Original Image here

Always be prepared! Image still from the Film Moonrise Kingdom

Always be prepared! Image still from the Film Moonrise Kingdom

green shirt bike camp

Camp is all about matching t-shirts! Get some friends together and represent your Cabin team with pride! Original image here


Be a camp counselor. All the cool kids are doing it! Original image here


Grab your white water rafting gear for an adventure camp look. Don’t forget your paddle! Original image here


Fashion Designers and Theatre kids represent! Get chic if you went to a creative indoor summer camp. Original image here.


This one time at band camp. Original image here


Did you go to science camp, because I’m jealous! Grab your goggles and a lab coat and let your geek flag fly! Original image here


If you went to sleep away camp you might know a thing or two about color war. Face paint and bike decorations that match your outfit are encouraged! SFBP’s official color is green, just FYI. Come with a group and prepare to throw down (on the dance floor)! Original image here

We hope this helps you pull your look together.  We can’t wait to see you at Camp on August 2nd.  Ding Ding!


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SFBP #30 Robot Revolution Recap


The Robot Army united under a banner of mechanical freedom this month. It was wonderful to see the ingenuity of your costumes and interpretations of the July theme! Foil was definitely the queen of the ride. Keep ‘em coming cause we know you got it in you!!

As it is every month, we couldn’t do this ride without our core of awesome volunteers. Thank you! Because of you our revolution machine ran without a hitch. Want to help, but don’t know how? It’s easy enough; sign up for a turn. What’s a turn, you say? It’s a mini party stop with you and a few of your closest friends as you help direct the ride and help make Bike Party run smoothly. Come find a volunteer organizer with a blue sash next month to sign up and help!

The Gathering (photo by Carina Lomeli)

SFBP #30 Robot Revolution

Handmade silver awesomeness! (photo from Hapa Rider)

SFBP #30 Robot Revolution

Adam & Cathy tandem robots! (photo from Hapa Rider)

Star Wars ALWAYS WINS! (photo from Rasta Dave)

SFBP #30 Robot Revolution

Mike iphone 15 (photo credit Hapa Rider)

SFBP #30 Robot Revolution

Derek made his robot friend from repurposed lab supplies (photo from Hapa Rider)

SFBP #30 Robot Revolution

Steven, Booth, and friend! Even with some low tech Google Glasses! (photo from Hapa Rider)

SFBP #30 Robot Revolution

No need to turn on this robot, she’s got it! (photo by Hapa Rider)

Robots are BORING…(photo by Carina Lomeli)

Chasing the San Francisco sunset (photo by Carina Lomeli)

No discriminating here, one wheeled robots are always welcome! (photo by Carina Lomeli)

Ocean beach – Party Stop #1 (photo Carina Lomeli)


Chopper Dave’s newest chopper (photo by Kristin Tieche)


Ocean beach was a little cold for our humanoid riders (photo by Kristin Tieche)


TRONing it! (photo by Kristin Tieche)


The robot made it to the beach! (photo by Kristin Tieche)


Robot reflections (photo by Kristin Tieche)


The revolution will not be motorized! (photo by Kristin Tieche)

Beachy rebels (photo by Rasta Dave)


Some pros just go! (photo by Kristin Tieche)


Party stop at Ocean beach (photo by Kristin Tieche)

These hills were NOTHING to our machine powered pedalbots! But hills always mean great views. And this ride was not lacking in that department. The warm, wind-free pocket we had at Sutro Heights Park was the perfect place to cool down our hard drives and watch the fires burn on Ocean Beach.

Take the high ground to win the war.

Capturing the high ground to win the war! (photo Carina Lomeli)

The captured flag (photo by Carina Lomeli)

The rebellion burns bright in the night (photo by Carina Lomeli)

Lighting the revolution! (photo by Carina Lomeli)

Best views of the night (photo by Carina Lomeli)

The battle, let alone the war would not have been won without you. So please keep up the support! The revolution will not be motorized and our bicycles are the vehicles of change!! The rebels will be trading our revolution gear for bug spray and floaty wings as we head to camp. Join us on August 2nd as SF Bike Party heads to Summer Camp. Meet your counselors at 7:30pm on August 2nd. Your ride to camp rolls out at 8:00 sharp! Check back for further details and costume ideas in our Lookbook for August.

And when in doubt, BIKE PARTY!!

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SFBP #29 Musical Icons Recap

Musical Icons indeed! You all really brought the noise and the funk with your fantastic costumes for our June ride.  As always, we love to see everyone embracing the theme.  If you have ideas for future themes, please don’t hesitate to let us know via Facebook, Twitter or comments here on the blog.

What did you all think of the ride?  We were so excited to head up to Coit Tower on an absolutely beautiful night.  The ride from Civic Center was full of great outfits and happy riders as we pedaled up Polk Street and took a cross town trip on picturesque Pacific.  Did you catch those views of the Bay Lights once we crested Russian Hill? As always, many thanks to the volunteers who came out for test rides and helped out by taking turns and directing traffic during the ride. We appreciate you so much!

Johnny Cash looking cool ay Civic Center.  Photo by missmix.

Johnny Cash looking cool at Civic Center. Photo by missmix.

Material Girl! Photo by @chinstrap

Material Girl! Photo by @chinstrap

Rocker chick!

Rocker chick! Photo by @chinstrap


Bret Michaels, is that you? Photo by @chinstrap.


Hair bands represent! Photo by @chinstrap.

Keith Richard for President! Photo by @chinstrap

Keith Richard for President! Photo by @chinstrap


This cruiser is partying like a rock star in black and white. Photo by @chinstrap.


It’s Chopper Dave and Friends! Photo by @chinstrap.


Ready to ride! Photo by @chinstrap.

The final ascent up to Coit Tower was a little steep, but once we got there folks were ready to take in the glorious sunset views and get their party on.  Thanks to DJ Deep, we had awesome tunes on the parking lot dance floor. We love to see everyone partying like rock stars!

Unfortunately, we did hear a report that a bike was stolen from the Coit Tower party stop. Please keep in mind that you should never leave your bike unattended at party stops.  Bring a lock with you or ask a friend to keep an eye on your bike while you get your dance on. The city parks we party in are public spaces and are not inherently safe from theft.

Elvis by @calitexican

Elvis has left the building and hopped on his bike! Photo by @calitexican

coit tower view_@betebrand_hq

Coit Tower View. Photo by @betabrand_hq

Coit tower view by @kaveh

A lovely wide angle at the first party stop. We made it to Coit Tower! Photo by @KavehAstaneh

Ferry building_@iamcaps

Another lovely SF view. Photo by @iamcaps

Rolling towards the beautiful Bay Bridge.

Rolling towards the beautiful Bay Bridge.

After Coit Tower we made our way down Telegraph hill towards the Embarcadero and enjoyed the flat wide streets and beautiful views of the bay lights as we rolled south towards AT&T park.  A last minute decision to finish the party in an AT&T park overflow lot was a good one, and we had plenty of space to get our dance on under the lights. Shout outs to Lily, who was celebrating a birthday and her Bachelorette party with us at SFBP, and is getting married in August.  Congratulations Lily, we’re so stoked that you wanted to celebrate with us! And to @BikePretty who was also celebrating her birthday by riding with us. We hope it was a good one, girl!

Lily and friends rocking bridal white for a Bachelorette party on wheels! Photo by @violator79

Lily and friends rocking bridal white for a Bachelorette party on wheels! Photo by @violator79

As always, we had a wonderful time riding with you.  Thanks for continuing to bring the fun to SFBP month after month.  If you want even more recap, check out the stellar review we received recently from Thanks, Bermstyle! We’re so glad you enjoyed the ride! We’ll be back at you on Friday, July 5th with our next Bike Party.  The theme is Robot Revolution!  More info on that to come in our LookBook.  Meet us at the Conservatory of Flowers at 7:30pm, we roll at 8:00! Ding Ding!

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SFBP #28 May Flowers Recap

We may not have much in the way of seasons here in San Francisco, but spring was definitely in the air on Friday, May 3rd. You all made a truly beautiful bouquet in all of your floral finery. We had perfect weather, visitors from near and far, and even some tall bikes! This was a special Bike Party for yours truly and you filled me with so much love.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now, let’s get to it, shall we?

We started the ride at the beautiful Balboa Park and rolled out along Ocean Ave. towards the beach.  How lovely to start a ride with the sun still shining! All the better to see your costumes!

logo larry windmill at the start

May flowers invade the baseball field at Balboa Park. Photo by Logo Larry

Paper flowers

Paper flowers for the win! Photo by @chinstrap

mix and denyse

Sun Flower Power! Photo by Valerie Bykova

Sree super volunteer

Sree is looking super in green floral! Many thanks for volunteering, Sree! Photo by Valerie Bykova

flower jump @jollymurrell

These flower children are ready to ride! Photo by @jollymurrell

We absolutely love to ride along Ocean Ave! It’s wide, flat and, you guessed it, goes all the way to the Ocean! Did you enjoy the first leg? Many thanks to the volunteers who helped out with turns along the way.  Your help is essential and we love you for it. Make sure to tell your friends about how much fun you have directing traffic and giving high fives as Bike Party rolls by!

bikes at pelican beach ku

Bike Party lights up the night at Pelican Beach! Photo by @ku1313


Partier Lia (who was visiting from Philly!) shows her excitement about SFBP! Check out her glowing bike. She covered her frame in super reflective tape. It looks great!

At the beach we got a very special treat! Our friend and BP volunteer Find brought cream puffs from Beard Papa! They were delicious!  Thank you so much.  If you didn’t get one, you missed out!

find cream puffs

Looking fly modeling those amazing Beard Papa Cream Puffs! Photo by @chinstrap

Mix and cream puff

DELICIOUS! Photo by @chinstrap

After chowing down at the beach, we headed out for one more leg through the Sunset to Golden Gate Park. Riding through the park always feels so special because we get to leave most of the cars behind and really crank up the tunes. We brought our floral finery to the Conservatory of Flowers for one final stop and dance party. This fine lady even got in on the fun!

logo larry statue saftey third

Safety First! Photo by Logo Larry

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate and ride with us.  It was a big weekend for Bay Area cycling and several members of the Midnight Ridazz (who were in town for Hella Big Bike Party) came out to show their support. We hope you all had an awesome time.  We even had some visitors from Germany! Carolin from Bochum and Henrietta from Wuppertal were traveling in the Bay Area when they heard about SFBP from the people they were staying with.  Although they didn’t have bikes, they thought it might be fun, so they reached out on Facebook to ask for help finding bikes to ride.  With a little help from our friends, they secured bikes and were able to join in on the fun.  Survey says they had an awesome time!  Big ups to our community for making it happen for Carolin and Henrietta!

We’ve recently been awarded Best Group Bike Ride by SFWeekly’s Best of the Bay Series.  We are so thrilled to have made the list again in 2013 and work hard to make Bike Party the best that it can be every month.  Thank you, SFWeekly.  If you think SFBP really is the best group bike ride in the Bay, and you want to be more involved, please consider volunteering to take a turn, coming on a test ride, or even joining our planning committee.  Follow us on Facebook for more info on ways to get involved.

Our next Bike Party is coming up on June 7th and we’ll be rocking and rolling in musical style.  The theme will be Musical Icons, so come dressed as your favorite iconic musician!  Wackiest musician is also up for grabs.  Whatever you do, make sure you’re ready to party.  Meet us at Civic Center at 7:30pm.  We rock and roll at 8:00!

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July Ride: PRIDE, Part Deux

PRIDE Part Deux (In the Name of Love)
July 1st | Meet 7:30 PM, Rollout 8 PM
Panhandle Basketball Courts (Oak & Ashbury)

We LOVED last month so much, and since some things are even better the second time… we decided to repeat PRIDE again for July!

This Friday, July 1st, come on out and be with the Party as we show you all of the great things this proud City has to offer. We’ll tour stunning architecture and  charming side streets in the  fabulous Castro, party and dance with amazing views, roll thru Castro proper, party at Dolores Park, then roll thru la Mission with amazing murals and hopping night life… who knows what else? It is SF, after all, we can only predict so much… tho we ARE predicting clear and sunny this Friday.

June was ~150 due to rain, but wow thank you rad bikey peeps for riding and dancing with us in the rain, all the more awesome. We luv ya!

overlooking the Castro — FABULOUS!
Dolores Park – rainy day rump shakers!

the one and only Duby!

fotos by Navi and Marat

<< click for printable DIY spoke card art.

see ya this friday.


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