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SFBP #36 Three for Three LookBook

Hey Bike Partiers! Happy New Year!  Are you excited for the very first SFBP of 2014? Well, we’re going three for three! Join us January 3rd for our 3rd birthday!

For 3 years now, we’ve powered through the streets of San Francisco with your help, pulling music bikes and dancing hard to celebrate the pedal-powered revolution. Join us for our biggest birthday yet, as we trace our inaugural SFBP route and celebrate life on two wheels (or one, or three, or more, whatever fits your fancy). Wear your best and brightest birthday gear, because it’s our party and we’ll ride if we want to! We are so thrilled to be turning 3 and can’t wait to celebrate with you! Ding Ding!




Bring some balloons, why don’t you?


And make some noise!

Make sure to wrap our presents in festive bicycle wrapping paper,

Make sure to wrap our presents in festive bicycle wrapping paper,


Party hats are encouraged.


And of course, don’t forget your bike!


If you bring cupcakes, we will eat them.

Meet us on Friday, January 3rd, at Civic Center at 7:30pm.  We roll at 8:00!  We wouldn’t be celebrating our third birthday if you didn’t keep coming back each month, bringing friends and music and so much fun to our party every time, so thank you, thank you, thank you! The best present you can give us this year is your company, so dust off your dancing shoes and let’s make it great!

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SFBP #35 Winter in Wonderland LookBook

RAIN UPDATE: Hi Bike Partiers! The weather is looking frightful for our trip down the rabbit hole on Friday. For the sake of safety (SAFETY FIRST) we will let you know if we have to  raincheck our December BP. Look out for an update on this space by 5:00pm on Friday. But don’t worry folks, you can still donate your toy to any fire station. Keep your eyes peeled and your fingers crossed for a Winter miracle and clear skies!

Don’t be late for high tea by the fire! It’s winter in wonderland, and the red queen is after your head. We are going down the rabbit hole, and we are bringing our bikes! Pyschedlic snowflakes, mad santa hats and cozy Cheshire cats are all welcome, it is Bike Party, after all! Here are some ideas to get your costume gears turning.  We can’t wait to see what you come up with.  Ding Ding!


Alice is all grown up! Original Image here.

red queen with flamingos

I’m in love with being queen! Original Image here.

black dapper mad hatter

This mad hatter is rather dapper, if you ask me. Original image here.

red queen with hair

She’s so mad at Alice, she’s seeing red! Original Image here.


Cheshire Cat Costume? Done and Done! Original Image here.

anime alice

It’s certainly winter in this Wonderland! Make sure your costume is warm enough for an enchanted December evening! Original Image here.

cheshier cat hat

This Cheshire Cat hat will keep you warm! Original Image here.


This Mad Hatter rides with stilts at his own risk! Original image here.

Alice_tweedle twins bike

Thanks for the lift, boys! Original Image here.

Alice Mountain bike

Ride hard, Alice! The queen is after your head! Original image here.

white rabbit-bike

Don’t be late to Bike Party! This White Rabbit T-Shirt will help you keep time! Original image here.


Don’t forget about the Doormouse. He’s too cute! Original image here.


Did someone say Meow? Original image here.


OFF WITH HER HEAD!!! Original image here.

We hope we’ve inspired you to finish your costume and come out with us on Friday, December 6th. Meet us at 7:30 at Potrero del Sol Park.  We roll at 8:00!

And in the spirit of the holidays, we’ll once again be hosting a toy drive! Bring new, unwrapped stuffed animals, whoopie cushions, legos and hot wheels, and we’ll drop them off at a fire station at the end of the party. Please bring a toy and help us warm some hearts this season.

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SFBP #34 Haunted House Hangover LookBook

You grab a costume

I’ll grab a bike

this is the end of the rest of your life!

This bike party is a Haunted House!

(Lyrics adapted from Sharon Needles’ hit single This Club is a Haunted House)


Just in case Halloween isn’t enough inspiration for you, we’ve got some ideas for how you can help make our haunted bike ride even more terrifying than All Hallows Eve. Join us on November 1st for a ‘Haunted House Hangover’ Bike Party. Halloween is more fun on 2 wheels! Bring your Jason mask, it’s fright night!

It's the headless bike rider! AAAAHHHHHHH! Original Image here.

It’s the headless bike rider! AAAAHHHHHHH!
Original Image here.

2 calacas

Every haunted house needs at least 2 Calacas.
Original Image here.


Freddy Kruger is certainly terrifying.
Original Image here.


Hey Jason! Don’t forget your machete. So Scary!
Original Image here.


This guy says ‘run screaming’, which is perfect for a haunted bike ride!
Original Image here.

haus of haunt

Watch Children! This is the Haus of Haunt!
Original Image by Caldwell Linker here.


Sharon Needles: Beautiful, Spooky and Stupid. Happy Halloween!
Original Image here.

club kids 1 amanda lapore

These are club kids. When in doubt, freak ‘em out at Bike Party!
Original Image here.

Skeleton in a basket

Bring your little buddy in your bike basket.
Original Image here.


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a bat bike!
Original Image here.


Whatever you do, don’t let your Halloween Hangover stop you from getting your bike party on!
Original Image here.

Meet us this Friday, November 1st, at the Dolores Park Playground at 7:30pm.  We take fear to the streets at 8:00!  We have some very special guests joining us at the final party stop at the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park, so make sure to stick around for the show.  Lady Napalm will be spinning fire just for Bike Party! You can check her out here. Don’t miss it! We can’t wait to scare your pants off!

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SFBP #31 Summer Camp: No Parents Allowed LookBook

Pack your bags, blow up your water wings and don’t forget your bug spray because San Francisco Bike Party is going to Summer Camp! Whether you went to science camp, sports camp or were team captain in color war, it’s time to relive the glory days. No parents allowed! Meet your counselors at 7:30pm on August 2nd. Your ride to camp rolls out at 8:00 sharp! If you need help with your campy look, we’re here for you! Check out some options below, use your imagination, and don’t forget to dance!

Graphic by Logo Larry.  Thanks Again!

Graphic by Logo Larry. Thanks Again!

You can’t go wrong with Mountain BIke Camp! Original image here.


Because Mountain Bike Camp is way fun! Original Image here

Always be prepared! Image still from the Film Moonrise Kingdom

Always be prepared! Image still from the Film Moonrise Kingdom

green shirt bike camp

Camp is all about matching t-shirts! Get some friends together and represent your Cabin team with pride! Original image here


Be a camp counselor. All the cool kids are doing it! Original image here


Grab your white water rafting gear for an adventure camp look. Don’t forget your paddle! Original image here


Fashion Designers and Theatre kids represent! Get chic if you went to a creative indoor summer camp. Original image here.


This one time at band camp. Original image here


Did you go to science camp, because I’m jealous! Grab your goggles and a lab coat and let your geek flag fly! Original image here


If you went to sleep away camp you might know a thing or two about color war. Face paint and bike decorations that match your outfit are encouraged! SFBP’s official color is green, just FYI. Come with a group and prepare to throw down (on the dance floor)! Original image here

We hope this helps you pull your look together.  We can’t wait to see you at Camp on August 2nd.  Ding Ding!


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SFBP #30 Robot Revolution LookBook

Are you ready Robot Riders? It’s time to suit up for the revolution. Whether you are a member of the robot army, a human resistance fighter, a robot-human hybrid, or just a tekkie, make sure you come ready to roll! Here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing!


Yes, let’s!


Rebel Alliance X-Wing Pilots

Bike Party will not be televised.

It's T-Shirt time! Image via

It’s T-Shirt time!
Image via

Light up the night with a robot inspired helmet. Image via

Light up the night with a robot inspired helmet.
Image via

For serious.  It's time to get crafty!

For serious. It’s time to get crafty!

You can follow the easy instructions to make yourself a robot costume here.

This robot just wants to make you a banana smoothie.  So Sweet! photo via

This robot just wants to make you a banana smoothie. So Sweet! photo via

You can watch this adorable robot above ride this bike all by itself here.  There is, sadly, no footage of it making me a smoothie.

If you want to get really advanced with your costuming, build a robot to help pedal your tandem bicycle and show that humans and robots can coexist!

That’s all folks.  We can’t wait for you to join the revolution on Friday, July 5th! Meet us at the James A. Garfield Statue at the Conservatory of Flowers at 7:30pm.  We roll promptly at 8:00! Ding Ding!


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SFBP #29 Musical Icons LookBook

Do you need some last minute costume inspiration? If you haven’t come up with the perfect outfit to make your favorite musical icon come to life, here are some of our favorites to point you down the right bike path.  We can’t wait to see you all on Friday, June 7th.  Meet us at Civic Center at 7:30, we roll at 8:00!


Prince, the purple man himself, was born on June 7th, 1958. Happy Birthday to the artist that never fails to put together a look.


Happy Birthday, Dave Navarro! Dave was born on June 7th, 1967.


The King. Dress like this guy and you’ll be rolling pretty.


Graceland was opened to the pubic on June 7th, 1982


The Beatles were icons of music and fashion.


Break on through to the other side with a Jim Morrison look.


Amy Winehouse said no to rehab, but you can say yes to her retro look.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry knows a thing or two about product placement. She’s a firework, that’s for sure!


Jerry is certainly an icon, and all you need is some tie-dye!


We will always love you, Whitney,

boy george

Love would be easy if your colors were like my dream, Boy George wore red, gold and green!




The Material Girl. All of her looks are iconic.

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!  Ding Ding!


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SFBP #21 Summer of Love Lookbook

It’s the summer of love in San Francisco! Are you ready to put some flowers in your hair? Be sure to look the part for our long strange trip on Friday, September 7th. Come as you are, but make sure to show everyone what Summer of Love means to you. If you need some inspiration, Go ask Alice!

Let your hair down!

Flower child Westfalia music bike trailer anyone?

Show your fringe.

Peace Man, that’s where it’s at!

Tie-Dye paint job? Yes please!

Safety is trippy.

Peace Kit

Peace Love Ride!

Ding Ding!

CTX here: don’t forget to test your music bike knowledge by using this morbid circus mag cover a fan sent to us to share for this ride.

via the strut


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SFBP #17: May the 4th Be With You Lookbook

Meet at Dolores Park @ 7:30 pm, May 4th.  We roll into battle at 8:00! Route

Jedis, Droids, Wookies, Ewoks. The time is now.  The Empire has placed an intergalactic ban on parties and we must rise up in the ultimate act of bicycle rebellion.  From Alderaan to Yavin, Dagobah to Tatooine, our way of life is threatened.  The Dark Lord once again controls the galaxy. But the Jedi Knights of the San Francisco System can now channel the force into a pedal powered revolution! Come ride with us in a 2 wheeled assault against the Death Car.  And May the 4th be with you.


Happiness is a bike ride with your best friend.


Who knew C3PO rode a fixed gear?


Han Solo, the original hipster.  Way ahead of his time.


Bike trailers, not just for sound systems anymore.


Turn your helmet into R2D2. There’s still time for arts and crafts!



Make your trike into a speeder.  All the cool Jedis are doing it.


Know thy enemy!  Be on the look out for bike mounted storm troopers. Together we can over throw the evil empire and use the force for good!


If you still need more inspiration.  Check out The Padawan’s Guide to Star Wars Costumes here:


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SFBP #15 Lookbook: Animal Kingdom

SFBP’s next ride: April 6th at 7:30PM ~ Start at Koret Children’s Quarter in Golden Gate Park (near the carousel) Route TBA

San Francisco: an urban jungle ruled by wild beasts. Some of us walk on two legs, some walk on four legs, others walk on six legs. Some of us fly, some hop, some saunter and some crawl or slither.  Here are a few images to help let your inner animal out.

                                                                                                   For our sistas! (

Or if you’re not feeling up for dressing up, don’t keep your bike from participating! Here are a few looks just for your faithful steed.

And now for a musical interlude:

Directed by Damon Gameau
Tropfest Australia

Come roar and slither with us at our next bike party! April 6th at 7:30PM ~ Start at Koret Children’s Quarter in Golden Gate Park (near the carousel) Route TBA


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SFBP #15 Lookbook: Dr. Seuss

SFBP’s next ride: March 2nd at 7:30 pm ~ Start Patricia’s Green (Octavia btwn Hayes & Fell ~ Route]

Cat in the Hat

“We looked!
Then we saw him
step in on the mat!
We looked!
And we saw him!
The Cat in the Hat!”

“I know it is wet
And the sun is not sunny.
But we can have
Lots of good fun
that is funny!”


Dr. Seuss

See yourself as most of the author type? Not actually ironically large glasses, check. Bow tie, check. Mild fear of children, check. Paintbrush & pens, check. Grab your anapestic tetrameter and come down to our next bike party!

(the man has his own stamp!)


One Fish

Two Fish

Red Fish

Blue Fish


The Lorax

Protector of the trees. Mystical creature. Mischief maker. Help celebrate the beauty of the Bar-ba-Loots, Swomee Swans, Humming Fish and most importantly the Truffula Trees!


The Grinch & Whoville

Cartoons not much your style but you’re a wiz with hairspray and a styling comb? Check out the various and yet all gravity defying hairstyles of the citizens of Whoville.

Cindy Lou Who can show you a thing or two…

See yourself a little darker? Less understood by people? And you’ve managed to find a cozy place atop Mt. Crumpit, which you share with your loyal dog….you’re in luck our misunderstood friend! Come get those tiny hearts pumping with the rest of the Whoville community on a bike ride!

(not to mention this might be a good opportunity to wear your ironic holiday sweater again.)

(and your spare pair of lederhosen)


We like to ride,

Fast and free.

Up hills and down

With S-F-B-P!!!

Next ride Friday, March 2nd 7:30PM ~ Start Patricia’s Green (Octavia btwn Hayes & Fell ~ Route]


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