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SFBP #37: At-last-a-rainy-San-Francisco-Winter in Wonderland (canceled)

It’s wet wet wet out there, y’all, and it’s gonna get wetter. Music bikes dislike moist electronics, costumes get rumpled, turn sheets dissolve, and a few weeks of street grime threaten to lubricate between our tires and the road. And as much as we love an adventure, we like to keep Bike Party fun for everyone. So snuggle up in your houses tonight and stay dry.

We’re staying in and organizing an extra ride for the weekend of February 22nd – stay tuned!

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in case you haven’t heard, we’re turning three. get your party hats on y’all!

come and celebrate by riding the very first route we unleashed on the unsuspecting city in 2011.

turn by turn located here

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SFBP #35 Winter in Wonderland LookBook

RAIN UPDATE: Hi Bike Partiers! The weather is looking frightful for our trip down the rabbit hole on Friday. For the sake of safety (SAFETY FIRST) we will let you know if we have to  raincheck our December BP. Look out for an update on this space by 5:00pm on Friday. But don’t worry folks, you can still donate your toy to any fire station. Keep your eyes peeled and your fingers crossed for a Winter miracle and clear skies!

Don’t be late for high tea by the fire! It’s winter in wonderland, and the red queen is after your head. We are going down the rabbit hole, and we are bringing our bikes! Pyschedlic snowflakes, mad santa hats and cozy Cheshire cats are all welcome, it is Bike Party, after all! Here are some ideas to get your costume gears turning.  We can’t wait to see what you come up with.  Ding Ding!


Alice is all grown up! Original Image here.

red queen with flamingos

I’m in love with being queen! Original Image here.

black dapper mad hatter

This mad hatter is rather dapper, if you ask me. Original image here.

red queen with hair

She’s so mad at Alice, she’s seeing red! Original Image here.


Cheshire Cat Costume? Done and Done! Original Image here.

anime alice

It’s certainly winter in this Wonderland! Make sure your costume is warm enough for an enchanted December evening! Original Image here.

cheshier cat hat

This Cheshire Cat hat will keep you warm! Original Image here.


This Mad Hatter rides with stilts at his own risk! Original image here.

Alice_tweedle twins bike

Thanks for the lift, boys! Original Image here.

Alice Mountain bike

Ride hard, Alice! The queen is after your head! Original image here.

white rabbit-bike

Don’t be late to Bike Party! This White Rabbit T-Shirt will help you keep time! Original image here.


Don’t forget about the Doormouse. He’s too cute! Original image here.


Did someone say Meow? Original image here.


OFF WITH HER HEAD!!! Original image here.

We hope we’ve inspired you to finish your costume and come out with us on Friday, December 6th. Meet us at 7:30 at Potrero del Sol Park.  We roll at 8:00!

And in the spirit of the holidays, we’ll once again be hosting a toy drive! Bring new, unwrapped stuffed animals, whoopie cushions, legos and hot wheels, and we’ll drop them off at a fire station at the end of the party. Please bring a toy and help us warm some hearts this season.

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SFBP #34 Haunted House Hangover LookBook

You grab a costume

I’ll grab a bike

this is the end of the rest of your life!

This bike party is a Haunted House!

(Lyrics adapted from Sharon Needles’ hit single This Club is a Haunted House)


Just in case Halloween isn’t enough inspiration for you, we’ve got some ideas for how you can help make our haunted bike ride even more terrifying than All Hallows Eve. Join us on November 1st for a ‘Haunted House Hangover’ Bike Party. Halloween is more fun on 2 wheels! Bring your Jason mask, it’s fright night!

It's the headless bike rider! AAAAHHHHHHH! Original Image here.

It’s the headless bike rider! AAAAHHHHHHH!
Original Image here.

2 calacas

Every haunted house needs at least 2 Calacas.
Original Image here.


Freddy Kruger is certainly terrifying.
Original Image here.


Hey Jason! Don’t forget your machete. So Scary!
Original Image here.


This guy says ‘run screaming’, which is perfect for a haunted bike ride!
Original Image here.

haus of haunt

Watch Children! This is the Haus of Haunt!
Original Image by Caldwell Linker here.


Sharon Needles: Beautiful, Spooky and Stupid. Happy Halloween!
Original Image here.

club kids 1 amanda lapore

These are club kids. When in doubt, freak ‘em out at Bike Party!
Original Image here.

Skeleton in a basket

Bring your little buddy in your bike basket.
Original Image here.


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a bat bike!
Original Image here.


Whatever you do, don’t let your Halloween Hangover stop you from getting your bike party on!
Original Image here.

Meet us this Friday, November 1st, at the Dolores Park Playground at 7:30pm.  We take fear to the streets at 8:00!  We have some very special guests joining us at the final party stop at the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park, so make sure to stick around for the show.  Lady Napalm will be spinning fire just for Bike Party! You can check her out here. Don’t miss it! We can’t wait to scare your pants off!

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SFBP #33: Favorite Childhood Toys LookBook

We all know our favorite toys now that we are grown-ups are our bikes, but when were kids we had lots more time to play. This month, we’re bringing a bit of whimsy to the party with our theme. Reach back into the archives and pull out your G.I. Joes, your pogs, your rubber duckies and your baseball gloves, it’s time to play with your favorite childhood toys. Whether you liked princesses or pogo sticks, we all remember that one thing we thought we’d never be able to live without. Times have changed, but it’s never too late to embrace your inner child.  Here are some of our favorites to get your gears turning.  We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


He-Man, the Most Powerful Man in the Universe and She-ra, The Princess of Power, defending the Realm of Eternia and the secrets of Castle Grayskull from the evil forces of Skeletor. How do they keep their hair so nice?
Original image here


I’ll admit it, I’m a reformed Cabbage Patch Kid hoarder…
Original image here


Two words: CARE BEARS
Original Image here

Data from star trek

Star Trek action figures? Yes, please!
Original Image here

You know you loved to throw a frisbee with your dog when you were a kid. Bring your frisbee, or your dog.  Better yet, bring both. We love dogs! Original Image here

You know you loved to throw a frisbee with your dog when you were a kid. Bring your frisbee, or your dog. Better yet, bring both. We love dogs!
Original Image here


Who could forget the Furby? Weird, robotic, interactive, and the costume possibilities are pretty fantastic too!
Original Image here


Don’t get zapped! It’s Operation!
Original Image here


Who doesn’t want a beautiful, flowing main? Prance to Bike Party as your favorite My Little Pony. Original Image here.


Original Image here


Etcc-A-Sketch and Mario, together at last! Come to Bike Party as Mario, or as an Etch-A-Sketch, whatever strikes your fancy. Original Etch-A-Sketch art by Jane Labowitch here


Heros in a half shell! TURTLE POWER!!
Original Image here

Our old family friends the Potato Heads! Original Image here

Our old family friends the Potato Heads!
Original Image here

Bike Party falls on Hardly Strictly Bluegrass weekend.  Why not come as your favorite childhood instrument? Original Image here

Bike Party falls on Hardly Strictly Bluegrass weekend. Why not come as your favorite childhood instrument?
Original Image here

Let's be serious, your first bike was your favorite toy! Pull out that old trike and ride hard, kids! Original Image here

Let’s be serious, your first bike was your favorite toy! Pull out that old trike and ride hard, kids!
Original Image here

We have some tricks up our sleeve this month so make sure you get there  on time (or even early) and stay until the end if you can.  Location is still TBD but it will definitely be meeting in the NOPA/Alamo Square area. As always, we can’t keep bike party rolling without your help.  Please consider being a turn guide to keep us on the right track.  Look for our volunteer coordinator at the meet up, she’ll be in full costume, so you won’t be able to miss her! Meet us at 7:30.  We roll at 8:00! Ding Ding!


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SFBP #32 Fleet Week Recap

The sequester may have cancelled the Blue Angels but Bike Party brought the BOOM. Around 350 folks joined us as we rolled out on one of the warmest nights the city has seen by far. We gathered at the Bow and Arrow as the Sailors, Airmen, pin up babes, and even a few members of S.E.A.L. Team 6 came together to enjoy shore leave. Here are a few shots of the ride. And don’t forget to tag your photos of San Francisco Bike Party with @sfbikeparty or #sfbikeparty.

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

Our flight is about to begin (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

Sailors ahoy! (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

Travis getting retro at the Bow (foto by chinstrap)

Sunset on the Fleet (foto by Allison Shiman)

sfbp#32 fleet week

These grease monkeys keep your boats afloat (foto by calitexican)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

Deland got it right at her first bike party! (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

Mia & Anna made wings to carry them home! (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

Pan-Anna Airlines! (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

CaliforMIA Air! (foto by chinstrap)

sfbp#32 fleet week

What a greeting for this lucky sailor! (foto by calitexican)

We even spotted a few folks riding the new Bay Area Bike Share bikes at Bike Party! We love anything that’ll get more people on bikes!! But let’s hope they didn’t get charged a late fee :(

sfbp#32 fleet week

Bay Area Bike Share Celest making an appearance (foto by calitexican)

sfbp#32 fleet week

Ooooheey Sailor!! (foto by calitexican)

sfbp#32 fleet week

Bay lights & bike flights (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

These sailors are sure excited for shore leave! (foto by chinstrap)

sfbp#32 fleet week

A heroic return of the sailor (foto by calitexican)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

S.E.A.L. Team 6 reporting for duty! (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

Some of our sailors event went to Space! (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

FREEDUMB (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

What a dapper Sailor (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

Camouflaged S.E.A.L. Team 6 is ready for BIKE PARTY!! (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

A vintage sailor (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

At ease, Sailor! (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

Malcolm designed this speaker bike system. Thanks for sharing it’s maiden voyage with us! (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

More BABS flying about (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

Looks like IceMan is ready for that game of volleyball at the next party stop (foto by chinstrap)

SFBP - #32 Fleet Week

This guy is the most talented rickshaw rider EVER. He was playing the bongos, a cymbal on his handlebars while also playing the harmonica with two passengers. Like a boss. (foto by chinstrap)

Thank you again to all our volunteers! Each of our turns are managed by our hard working volunteers. Because of your help Bike Party can be a safe and successful party every month. We need your help to keep bike party rolling smoothly so please consider taking a turn at our next event.  Look out for our volunteer coordinator at the meet up location and don’t be shy!

Next Bike Party: ‘SFBP #33 Favorite Childhood Toy’ plays out October 4th, meet up at 7:30PM, roll out at 8PM. Location TBA. Stay tuned!

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SFBP #31 Summer Camp Recap

Summer camp is over. We’ve returned home and unpacked all our treasures from our summer away from home. Friendship bracelets, shells, colored rocks, feathers, and friendships that will last us the rest of our lives. On a balmy San Francisco night a few hundred campers joined us as we cycled through the memories of our childhood summer camps.


SFBP Camp Counselors ready to greet the campers! (foto by Haparider)


Crafty camper ready for engineer camp! (foto by calitexican)


Campers warming their hands by the music fire (foto by calitexican)


You can never forget your first summer camp crush (foto by calitexican)


Friendship bracelets for EVERYONE! (foto by calitexican)


Your ride to science camp is ready (foto by calitexican)


Sun protection is a hot commodity at summer camp (foto by calitexican)


These campers are excited to roll out to our next stop (foto by calitexican)


“Campers your care packages are available for pick up at the main office!” (foto by calitexican)


Campers with cold weather sweaters (foto by calitexican)


Happy Campers!! (foto by calitexican)


Canadian lumberjack axman camp o_O (foto by calitexican)

This camper was tuckered out! (foto Kaveh Astaneh)

These campers are excited for camp fire sing-a-long! (foto by Kaveh Astaneh)

Party stop (foto by Rasta Dave)

City Hall (foto Rasta Dave)

We want to remind folks to lock up their bikes when at the party stops. Be mindful of your surroundings, on and off the bike. But remember have fun and when in doubt BIKE PARTY!! See you all at the next bike party, FIRST FRIDAY of the MONTH. Meet up at 7:30PM roll out at 8PM!

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SFBP #32 Fleet Week Route Map and Turn Guide

Hey Sailors! We hope you’re ready for evasive maneuvers! We fly out in formation from Cupid’s Span tonight at 20:00 hours!

Turn Guide! print it, tear it, share it. or just use your smartphone if you have one. the trees will thank you.

see you tonight!

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SFBP #32 Fleet Week LookBook

Join us on Friday, September 6th for an evening of Bombers and Bombshells, Aircraft Carriers and Navy Seals! The sequester may have canceled the Blue Angels, but we can still ride bikes in formation! Hie Hie Hee for SF Bike Party!

If you need help with your look for Friday night, look no further.  We have some great ideas to get your wings flapping! Check it out. We can’t wait to see what you come up with at Bike Party! Ding Ding!


In 1943, Charles B. Hall became the first black fighter pilot to down an enemy aircraft. Hall was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his valor in this World War II action. His squadron presented him with its own reward, a chilled bottle of Coke, a precious commodity in the Mediterranean theater. Hall was a member of the 99th Fighter Squadron.

woman fighter pilot

This is what a full flight suit looks like. Better get sewing!


These old school Navy uniforms are really where it’s at.

skipper pin up

Shore leave in San Tropez anyone?


Don’t forget to kiss your sailor!

sailor moon bike

Sailor Moon rides a bike, and looks great doing it.

sailor couple on bike

This is probably the best picture ever. A sailor and his girl on a bicycle built for two. Swoon!

pin up wing

So much depends on the white captain’s hat.


This is a small child dressed as Maverick from Top Gun, wearing a mini fighter jet. We will hug you if you show up in this outfit, no joke.


Make an airplane out of cardboard. Then put it on your bike.

handle bar airplane

Or just put this on your bike.

flight suits

Everyone loves coveralls!

fighter-pilot helmet on

Watch the canopy!


Liu Yang, China’s first woman in space. Astronauts are totally appropriate for Fleet Week!

Cardboard Jet_adults

We have lift off!

bike friendly sailor outfits

Dress like a sailor, ride your bike. Done.

Photo of Bessie Coleman

This is Bessie Coleman. She was the first black female pilot. Rock on, Bessie!

airforce cover all for your dog

Your dog has always wanted to be a fighter pilot. Top gun is his favorite movie.

We hope this helps  you come up with the perfect outfit! Meet us at Cupid’s Span at 7:30 on Friday, September 6th.  We take off at 8:00!


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SFBP #28 May Flowers Route Map and Turn Guide

Hey Bike Partiers!

We can’t wait to see you all tonight at Balboa Park!  Meet us at 7:30, we roll out at 8:00!

Turn Guide can be found here. Print it, tear it, share it, or put it on your phone!

Route map can be found here. We’ll be meeting on Ocean Ave., just west of San Jose Ave. at the Baseball field.

You can follow us on Glympse at!sfbikeparty

Ding Ding!

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