Jan 2011 Ride- Birthday Party!

Our first ride is taking place on Friday, January 7!  Because it is the birth of our ride, the birth of a new year and, of course, we like to party our theme is Birthday Party!!

We meet up at 7:30 PM at Giants Stadium, Willie Mayes Gate and start riding at 8 PM.

We planned a fantastic route that is accessible for almost everyone!

We start at Giants Stadium, ride 12 miles visiting beautiful sites throughout the city.  It is a leisurely pace and we’ll stop 3 times to socialize and party.  We end at at the Civic Center Bart so people can easily get home.

All bicycle riders are welcome to attend! We just asked that you follow our “How We Ride.” Which includes:

  • Stay in the Right Lane
  • Stop at Red Lights
  • Leave Nothing and Nobody Behind
  • Ride Predictably and in Control
  • Roll Past Conflict
  • When in Doubt, “Bike Party!!”

We can’t wait to see you there!


START - Gigantes Ballpark Willie Mays Statue - SW corner @ King + 3rd
-> King
-- Merge onto Embarcadero
STOP 1 - Fisherman Wharf Stalls Parking Lot - crowds to entertain and tourist shops

exit on Taylor
-> Rt Jefferson
-- continue thru Aquatic Park path
<- Van Ness
<- North Point
-> Polk
-> Pacific
<- Steiner
-> Jackson
-- enter Alta Park @ Jackson + Scott
-- path to center, careful of curb!
STOP 2 - Alta Plaza Park - super gorgeous views, spacious, playground

exit Washington + Scott path
<- down Scott
-> Sacramento
<- Arguello
-> Clement
<- 8th Ave
-- Enter GGP @ 8th + Fulton
-> JFK
<- Hagiwara Tea Garden Drv
-- Enter Music concourse thru paths
STOP 3 - GGP, Music Concourse - between De Young + Acad Science, pretty, spacious

Exit thru paths
<- Music Concourse Drv
-> JFK  (CORK @ JFK + Kezar)
<- Kezar LEFT LANE  (CORK @ Kezar + Stanyon)
-- Merge onto Oak LEFT LANE
<- Baker
-> Fulton
-> Laguna
<- Grove
<- Larkin
END - Civic Center Quad - by 3 headed Buddha Statue - awesome photo ops! scenic, close to BART.


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