Show us your bike love!

Show us your bike love by posting photos of you and your bicycle date on the facebook event page! The photos with the most “liked” will be granted the status of biKings during our next ride!  We have a surprise prize for the winners!




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5 responses to “Show us your bike love!

  1. Grego

    No Facebook here, no thanks! I’ll “network” socially on the ride, where my every last bit of personal information isn’t being sold to advertisers and captured for the government. See you in person in 10 days!

  2. rider44

    No Facebook here either.
    Seems like this would have been a good promo for

    Oh well, no worries. Big thanks to everyone doing so much to make this ride so special! 🙂

  3. alaamber

    Sorry non facebook friends! If there is one easy platform that everyone can submit and vote on, we can look at using that next time.

  4. Townie Bill

    The weather should be pleasant, the vibe for SFBP #2 will be sweet: hearts of chocolate and flowers will abound.
    Bike love will be like a contagious social virus spread by casual contact.

    My Townie’s not talking to me right now, playing ‘hard to get’.
    Maybe I’ll try a little cycling foreplay: whisper “SF Bike Party this Friday night” into your bike’s ear!

    That worked! Townie is now aroused.
    We can’t wait! (my bike and I that is)