Love Your Bike Route

We are excited about this month’s ride! We are meeting at Civic Center at 7:30 PM, rolling out at 8 PM.  We will be riding through Japantown, Western Addition, Castro, Mission, Noe Valley, and ending at Garfield Square.  This route is only 9 miles but it includes some rolling hills.

Being that it is Bike Love, tell us where you will be celebrating after the ride! Those of us who want more than a bicycle date can meet up!!

You can also check the route at mapmyride

*Note we made a slight change to the route near the Castro. If you printed out a map before Thursday, please print again.


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4 responses to “Love Your Bike Route

  1. Sweet ride. Saw a lot of friendly familiar faces. Good times in the rolling hills, the most of any bike party (EBBP, SJBP, SFBP) thus far. The parts through Japantown had punchy inclines and declines that were fun. Peeled off with my crew after the first rest stop to put in some more pedal to the metal which covered 28 miles from Civic center and back, in before midnight caught BART back to the 92510 (bridge ‘n tunnel life). Thanks for putting on the ride, looking forward to the next. Wheels of Steel!

  2. Eric

    Wow, What a good ride last night.. A little bit hilly but still a good time.. What’s up to all the SJ folks we were in with, SJBP representing & showing the SJ Love to are SFBP friends! I can’t wait for next month.. And to all you Frisco folks, the 3rd friday of the month come check out SJBP.. Good times!

  3. moo

    Thanks for a great ride last night! I was really impressed with how smoothly things seemed to run. Also, wanted to throw out a special thank you for mapping a route for us Caltrain riders back to the station from the end point. It was great to have time to finish the ride with everyone and get back with time to spare.

  4. Blue

    Great job, everyone! That was my first SF Bike Party, and it won’t be my last. I am a huge wimp, but managed to get up those hills with my lovely gears when needed. If I can do it, you can do it. For serious. See you next time! xoxo