4 responses to “We have stickers!

  1. Rodney West

    Not only was last night ride not fun but it was dangerous. Ther was no reason at all to go that deep into Hunters point, you had straglers and poepole who’s bike’s were breaking down in very dangerous area of the city. Who is going to insure our safety. Whoever put together last night route either is brain dead or does not know the city at all. I bought some friends and they advised me that they will nerver go again. I am a embarssed to have told my friend that this was fun. NO MORE SF BIKE PARTY.COM. You should be ashamed of yourselfs . I had my 19 year daughter with me and was heckled and afraid. Not cool. I am going on to my facebook and letting all my people not to ever go on this ride. IT”S NOT SAFE

    • RollerGirrrL

      I’m sorry you feel that way too Rodney. I voiced my concerns as well about the route but I think to swear off SFBP and ridicule it on FB is a bit harsh and hasty. Bring yourself up to speed on this page:
      The organizers are aware of the concerns and I’m certain they will take them into consideration for future rides. These are good people organizing this ride and they are definitely not brain dead.

      Wishing you safe and happy riding.

  2. Chris

    Thanks for the sticker last night!

    The route was awesome, thanks for that too, really opened my eyes to the city. Whatever dock we were on was prime!

    To the guy above me…sorry to hear about that. It’s crucial to do all these rides with a gang of friends, so if something does happen you are 6 people deep instead of just a couple.

  3. I had a great ride. Kudos to the organizers for thinking out of the box.

    R.I.P. Herman