San Francisco Bike Party 4th Ride: Robots and Cyborg

Friday, April 1 | Gather 7:30 PM, Rollout 8 PM | Civic Center (Larkin Street – between Grove & McAllister)

— Map My Ride route (link here)

Join us for the 4th San Francisco Bike Party!

We have an amazing route planned and with a break in the rain, it’s time to get out! Get your nerd on with this month’s theme of Robots and Cyborgs.

The ride will take a leisurely tour of Golden Gate Park, the Sunset and Haight St, while rocking to mobile sound systems, and stopping to regroup and party along the way.

We will have t-shirts available with a suggested donation price of $20 — exact change appreciated!

How We Ride:
– Stay in the right lane
– Stop at red lights
– Leave No Trace
– Ride predictably and in control
– Roll past conflict
– Ride Prepared
– When in doubt, “Bike Party!!”

Your First Ride With Us?
We try to maintain a leisurely cruising speed. Routes are designed for a wide range of riders to keep pace. Though, with hundreds of riders on different types of bikes, some will find hills more challenging, or have flats and mechanical troubles. Before the ride, make sure your bicycle is in good working order. You should be comfortable riding San Francisco streets which may have traffic, train tracks, occasional steep hills, and other hazards. Bring friends and make new ones riding at your speed. Within your friends be prepared with a flat kit or to fix basic mechanical troubles. If you see someone in need, it’s good bike etiquette to help. That’s also a great way to make new friends in the biking community. Which is what the Bike Party is all about!

Stay in the Loop:




(PDF Version Here)

START — Civic Center Quad, Larkin & Fulton7:30pm meetup, 8:00pm rollout
LEG 1 — Civic Center to Duboce Park
exit CC Quad @ Polk to south
right Grove to west
left Octavia to south – stay left in separated lane
right Market to southwest – stay right lane
right Sanchez to north
Sanchez becomes Steiner to north
PARTY STOP 1 — Duboce park 20-30 minutes
enter Duboce Park via the sidewalk cutout at Steiner & Hermann
recommend the playground, beware the grass and dogwalk area

LEG 2 — Duboce Park to Children’s Playground in GGP
exit Duboce Park @ Steiner & Hermann
left on Steiner to north
left Waller to west
right Scott to north
left Hayes to west
left Schrader to south
* regroup and wait for bicycle turn light at junction between
Schrader, Fell, & Kezar
right onto Kezar — the wider road going into the park. stay right lane
and beware cars!
cross Stanyon and enter GGP
right JFK to west
left Middle Drv to south
left MLK
left Bowling Green Dr
right into Children’s Park by Bowling Green
PARTY STOP 2 — Children’s Park GGP
enter at parking lot and take pathway into the playground area
please WALK bike before entering the playground area

LEG 3 — GGP to Inner Sunset to Upper Haight to Panhandle
exit Bowling Green Drv to northwest
left JFK to west
left Hagiwara Teagarden Drv to southwest
left behind the bandshell Music Concourse Drv parking lot to east
left Music Concourse Dr to northeast
left JFK to west
left Traverse Dr to south
right MLK west
right 25th Ave south
exit GGP @ Lincoln going south on 25th Ave
left Irving east
right Irving 10th Ave south
left Judah  east — *AVOID TRACKS* stay in rightmost lane and avoid the
elevated train platform
left 6th Ave north
right Hugo east
left Arguello north
right Frederick east
left Schrader north6
right Haight east
left Ashbury north
cross Oak St cautiously
enter Panhandle thru sidewalk cutouts on either side by crosswalks
END — Panhandle Basketball courts



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10 responses to “San Francisco Bike Party 4th Ride: Robots and Cyborg

  1. Rhonda

    The Google Map bike route isn’t working.

  2. Super Stoked

    Can’t wait! Telling all my friends.

    Still missing Bikes and The City and those beautiful spoke cards, hope you are doing well meli.
    Any chance we’ll have ride art this month?

  3. SuperStoked

    I heard T-shirts might be available this month. Wehew!
    Any word on ride art for spoke cards?
    The previous ride art was fantastic! (Thanks meli)

  4. Townie Bill

    Cyborgs, Robots, virtual immaginary friends only you can see
    and the freak on a Townie blended in for just a little more cowbell.
    The route looks wonderful and the weather should be very groovie indeed.
    I’m feelin’ the vibe already.
    Thanks SFBP volunteers,
    I can’t wait!

  5. Rider44

    If anybody needs turn-by-turn in a larger font, here you go

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  7. Great ride. Best since January’s birthday ride. The long sweeping roads within Golden Gate Park without stoplights or stop signs were a big smile factor and adding some much needed mileage. The roundup points were stellar. Thank you volunteers for keeping the group together! Bike party!

  8. Chris

    That was the most amazing bike party so far! Great props to the organizers.

    Thank you for so much fun,