Robots and Cyborgs Ride Recap!!

hey hey bike party people!

thanks to the 300-400ish of you who showed up to the ride. hope you got a chuckle over our april fool’s day post and hopefully you weren’t toooo disappointed to see there were no segways. well, for free anyway.

moving on, how about that bouncy castle at civic center?! that certainly was no april fool’s joke! it was there! see….

R1-02721-011Afoto by citybirds

and the costumes people! my word, y’all out did yourselves!! there was some range of silver people, sf giants themed robots, stepford wives, and other sorts of cyborgs congregating at civic center!

Disturbingfoto by adrienne johnson

You Thought The Machine Was A Guy?foto by adrienne johnson

Is This Your Wife?foto by adrienne johnson

IMG_1592foto by kristen tieche

IMG_1594foto by kristen tieche

volker against blue sky and city hall foto by duby

Bike Rocketfoto by snackdad

Ms. D and her blue lightsfoto by cold iron

even some of your bikes got in the action

Heading Outfoto by cold iron

and then it was time for roll out…

IMG_1604foto by kristen tieche

we cruised slowly to our first party stop, duboce (aka “dog poop”) park. y’all really got the party going on there for awhile. dancing away that fierce chilly wind that started to pick up.

Bike parking
foto by mattymatt

Everyone try to clump together
foto by mattymatt

foto by mattymatt

then we rode out again, this time to our second stop, the children’s playground in golden gate park

foto by citibirds

foto by kristen tieche

second stop: children’s playground. whoa, fun. long stop cause the party just didn’t want to stop, so why should it? 20 ft cable rope gym thingys, rubber bouncy floor made better by dancing on it? so rad. this picture totally fits the mood. love it!

In The Tubefoto by adrienne johnson

thanks to you guys for leaving the park as you found it and respecting the structures. we appreciate the cops left us alone while we were partying it up in the playground. we respect the area, cops respect us, less hassle for everyone. ya dig?

the last leg of the ride is where our new “ride prepared” comes in. lots of stories of flats and people getting lost. please consider riding with extra tubes, a portable bike pump and a map of the route we provide for each ride. and make a friend or two or bring your own! bikey friends are very generous and can help you out if you lose your way.

that said, we cruised through the sunset district back through the upper haight and ending at the panhandle.

foto by denysetrepanier

and the stepford wife? she celebrated with a refreshing beverage right next to her stepford husband.

foto by denysetrepanier

can’t wait for next month’s ride! see y’all then. bring cameras and don’t forget to join our flickr group! thanks to all the amazing pictures to choose from this month bike party people!! y’all rock!



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27 responses to “Robots and Cyborgs Ride Recap!!

  1. well the least you can say it that is looks special 😉

  2. Great photos. San Fran is such a cool town.

  3. Sounds outrageously fun! And congrats on FP–now that will be one hell of a ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This looks like a geek’s paradise, wish I could’ve been there! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  5. I love robots. and lights.

  6. wow, thanks to wordpress for featuring us on “freshly pressed!” for those of you who are new to our site, welcome! take a look around and have a great day!

  7. REALLY COOL! in chicago we have a thing called critical mass at the end of every month and the police shuts streets off for bikers to ride the streets. this looks so fun

  8. myblogject

    Is this the San Fran Critical Mass?? I’m going to go to my first in Manchester, Uk, Next month!! woop woop… awesome pics 🙂

  9. nice post and design i really like your post .. to much nice pic

  10. I regularly attended Critical Mass back in the mid 90’s. It was fun, taking over the streets, getting a police escort, making a meaningful statement about traffic and urban transportation alternatives. “We’re not blocking traffic, we ARE traffic!” it stopped being fun for me On the July ’97 CM, when Willie Brown ordered an end to the ride. The police in riot gear, arrests, and violence I witnessed soured me to the whole experience. I went back once after that, and it wasn’t the same. No more Friday night rides for me.

    Ten years later, I discovered San Jose Bike Party. Later in the evening, no protesting, just a fun evening ride with a mob of like-minded people. Lots of fun. I was going out for Friday night rides again!

    I am no longer in the South Bay. I am no longer a CM attendee. I am NOW an SFBP zealot. Kudos and congratulations to the volunteers who make this ride the amazing event it is. This last ride was amazing, and I can hardly wait for May’s ride. Shout it from the rooftops, tell your friends, SFBP is the best ride ever.

    Bike Party!!

  11. FUN – I wish I lived in San Francisco!

  12. Looks like so much fun!!

  13. Looks like a small scale Supernova convention.

  14. Velice zajímavé téma.

  15. Looks like an absolute blast. I’m envious.

  16. bike party so much fun.

  17. rider44

    This ride was so fun, Evelyn and I had a blast, can’t wait till next month!

  18. so great .bike sports

  19. Looks like it was an amazing day and night!

  20. This looks like a geek’s paradise, wish I could’ve been there! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!