Recap: Volunteer Ride and BBQ!

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SFBP had its first volunteer ride & BBQ this past Saturday. Thanks to the 40 or so riders who came out to enjoy the amazing Saturday spring weather.

golden gate park was the start of the ridefoto by SFBP

Our amazing event organizers and volunteer outreachers were hard at work behind the scenes this month to put this Saturday ride on. Three SFBP planners led the rides while three other SFBP planners were getting the BBQ set up.

Bike Party Volunteer Ride

team cargo bike boxin' it

Team Cargo hauled over 120 veggie and meat hot dogs, a grill, condiments, plates, napkins, utensils, etc all by two cargo bikes.

friends don't let friends drive

Did you know that in SF we have a few dedicated bike traffic lights? It’s hard to tell from the camera phone pic, but we are waiting for the bike light off of the panhandle bike lane on our way to reserve the BBQ spot in Crissy Field.

waiting for bike light to change

Meanwhile on the ride… families came out in full force! Yay! Kids on bikes are crucial to the future of BIKEPARTIES all over πŸ˜‰


Also, on a day like Saturday, a lot of bikey people are out on their bikes. SF is pretty small like that, so you are bound to see someone you know. Looks like there was a Giants ride. A member of our fellow bike advocacy group, SFBC’s own Andy Thornley was out in orange riding around with others rootin’ for the home team.

note: that is not andyphoto by nio (note, that is not andy t.)

The purpose of this ride was to give volunteers some practice on how SFBP rides in the city and how to “clear” intersections and turn guard. We ride to the right and stop for lights. We also try to wait for riders who might get caught up changing a tire or just need some extra time to go up those famous SF hills.

the sticker 'tis more helpful on the by nio

"get yr hands up"christine mytko via SFBP facebook page

Isn’t that view gorgeous? We were in the presidio overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We really are fortunate to live in such a beautiful town.

Then it was time for the BBQ…and the wind!! The MVP at the BBQ site was the windblocker our awesome parents with cargo bikes, James and Adrienne, provided spontaneously.

wind blocker was so necessary

We managed to chow down anyway. nomnomnom.


So, thanks to Mother Nature for making this Saturday an awesome precursor to our May ride, Rites of Spring, which is this coming Friday.


Interested in being a volunteer? We are having a volunteer test ride on Tuesday, 5/3 at 7pm at Justin Herman Plaza. We have test rides so volunteers can familiarize themselves with the upcoming route. During the ride, we let volunteers know of the areas where we need to guide bikepartiers in the correct direction.

If this sounds like someting you would like to do, please join us! If you are looking for camaderie only, please wait until Friday’s main ride. Be sure to bring some flowers to give to that special someone…or someones! Spring is in the air. It’s definitely time for a BIKEPARTY!!




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2 responses to “Recap: Volunteer Ride and BBQ!

  1. Tia

    You guys are AWESOME!


  2. Townie Bill


    You SFBP volunteers are growing into your assignments. It is so cool to watch the evolution of what is often the most spectacular geographic location for an organized Bike Party.

    Not only do you have the future of SFBP in your ranks, but those of us who love to ride in the City see you in a light distinctively different from our friends in the East Bay and South Bay.
    You Guys Rock.

    I rode through Crissy Field on Thursday of last week and it was clear and seasonally windy. Good to see such resourceful riders able to overcome the wind and BBQ anyway. Those smiles tell me you guys had a good day and I should have been there. Cudos to you dedicated SFBP Peeps.

    I’m (all the way) in!
    See you Friday with plenty of roses.