Rites of Spring Ideas

Friday, May 6 | Gather 7:30 PM, Rollout 8 PM | Meet Justin Herman Plaza | Route: http://tinyurl.com/3rjbdxy  | Printable Turn by Turn

Not sure how to celebrate the rites of spring with your bike? We have ideas!

Paper Flowers:

Basket Flowers:

I think I am in love with this:

Scraper bike style:

Image from the Matchbook

(Ok, these flowers are not rideable, but you get the idea.)

Electronic style:

The simple, no excuses, everyone can do it version:

Now that you have some ideas on how to dress up your bike, its time to think about dressing up your body!

Idea 1:
Grab some festive colored fabric or an extra sheet and make yourself a toga

Image from the Wikihow page

Then add some flowers to your head.   Pick some up at your local florist at the end of the day.

Idea 2:
Get your friends together and dance around a May Pole

Grab some ribbon and a pole and party.

Idea 3:
Dionysus (the god of wine making)

-some purple fabric
-some ivy leaves
-some frivolity to the masses

Idea 4:
Dress up as your favorite ninja and celebrate like those in the Japanese city of Iga.

From the Iga Ninja Museum Webpage

Idea 5:
Grab some herbs & flowers in a bundle and celebrate Deqna d’ Nisan, the spring festival celebrated by many Assayrian communities.



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5 responses to “Rites of Spring Ideas

  1. The decoration suggestions are great! I’m dressing up my bike for tonight’s ride.

    I already posted this elsewhere, but I think it’s worth repeating: remember to charge the batteries OR pick up fresh batteries for your lights. Tonight’s ride will roll through a couple of poorly-lit spots, so stay safe and illuminate. Text your friends!

  2. rider44

    Hey All,
    An artist friend of mine, Casey, is an artist and made some ride art for you to print your own spoke cards this month.



    Thanks Casey

  3. Jean

    Well done bike party! Palace Party was fab

  4. rider44

    Fantastic time last night. So great to see so many old friends and meet so many new ones. Evelyn, Casey, and I had a blast.

    I loved the smiles and how excited people were to see us as we all rode by.

    As Jean said, Well done Bike Party!


  5. Leading up the hill in the presedio was a blast with that subtle curved incline as the sweet spot. We got to the top intersection and allowed everyone to regroup. I felt the whole group was lost, but it wasn’t the case – it was BIKE PARTY. The ride to the palace was enjoyable as the pace had picked up. The wind was a fascinating departure from previous SFBP’s which have all been wind free until this May 2011 ride. Best part of the ride was at the end towards City Hall, chasing green through yellow’s on that long stretch of stop lights on Polk, in full chase mode with the inline skater pacing at the front. What up SFBP riders, Jay and Kelly!!! Wheels of Steel!