ride #7 recap: pride decompression & farewell marat!!

i think one image sums up the last sfbp…


foto by yours truly, calitexican

ok, maybe this one too…

foto by j. azevedo

how did we get here you ask? well…first of all, a bunch of y’all stayed in town on friday over the holiday weekend, and y’all kept riding up to the panhandle.

can you say oh haaaaaaaaaay…pride spirit y’all

leftovers from pride!! awesome.

check out a close up of one of their backs…ssssssssup pride decompression en la casa…


this was also the unofficial sfbp ride of the puppies in baskets. i counted four, took pics of 3, but there may have been more!


gwen and mr. peanut!


2nd puppy!


more puppies!!

we also sold shirts. if you want one, either come out to next ride, or email us!


foto by navi

and while sfbp does NOT endorse any political candidate, it is that time of year, and some politicians came out to represent because they apparently want YOUR vote.
supervisor chiu anyone?


foto by navi

and then bike riders for avalos were out in full force. check out that awesomtastic tandem cargo bike


foto by navi

some cute decor on one music bike. i’m a sucka for cute lil stuffed animals riding around with big beats. you heard it here first.

oh hai there mono.

music bike

then trikeasaurus AND new parklet ownin’ DEEP made sure y’all knew you were at SFBP and that the party was about to begin…


we rode to the first stop up some hills.

is totally awesome to walk up the hill. do it.

this is SF y’all. you can’t deny it. you also can’t deny that we went up some hills this time around, and that whether you huffed and you puffed and you walked yr way up that hill, or if you did old fashioned riding up that hill, we all made it up to corona heights. and holy shit. it was fantabuloustastic.

on the way up

corona heights park

WoS SFBP Corona Heights

foto by racingmix

sf OG cycling community also represented. thanks for all the work you have put in to pave the way til now! we know that work is just the beginning and there’s a lot more to do. in the meantime, it’s time to bikeparty!

foto by hugh

pretty view, hipster silhouette


so many bikes on the ground, so many SFBPers at the top of the hill.

foto by j. azevedo

foto by j. azevedo

who says cargo bikes can't go up big hills?

foto by j. azevedo

then off to our second stop, dolores park, and we also had to say goodbye to our faithful volunteer, marat. sad face. you are already missed! (btw, if you want to take his place, sign up here!)

foto by j. azevedo

foto by j. azevedo

bike party is boring!!

foto by j. azevedo

third stop

being that it was still pride themed a month later, we rode past certain castro institutions


foto by navi

and ended up at the showplace triangle where our homies, the bicycle music fest, also held their last stop not that long ago.


foto by navi

and this pic, also towards the end of the night, looks crazy, but also represents the party as how i remembered it then. also, check out that belt. awesome.


foto by navi

thanks for sticking with us when we said we were going to do the same route as june. it rained on june’s ride, only about 100 or so of you came out, which is AMAZING, but we also did only 2/3rds of the route in june. thanks for sticking w/ us as we did something unconventional. this route totally deserved to be done again, and damn. y’all delivered.

i canNOT wait until next time.

until then,
i do wait with bated breath,
and i remain truly yours,
your one and only,



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4 responses to “ride #7 recap: pride decompression & farewell marat!!

  1. the unicycle guy with the watermelon helmet was badass.

    • moya

      that’s supermike! he rides with SJBP all the time. and, yes, he is a total badass on his unicycle…dude can ride for miles and miles. 🙂

  2. This ride was truly shamazing. Thanks CTX and SFBP! #bikepartyyall

  3. great photos! SFBP always a blast!