Lookbook: Steampunk

Our theme is Steampunk for our next ride, August 5, 2011 at 7:30pm.

Have you ever thought about what you would wear to a party where Sherlock Holmes, Capt Nemo, Pris, and Miette were the guest of honor? Well you’re in luck with our August’s Steampunk themed Bike Party. Not sure how to rock the Steampunk look? Check out our Lookbook where we help you brainstorm costume ideas so you can rock this month’s theme.

Our August Lookbook:

Steampunk–This is the classic look: a world where all the technology is powered by the epic combination of steam, Victorian style, and sci-fi imagination. Pull together corset with a fluffy shirt, boots with spats, clockwork creations, bustles, mechanical umbrella and a top hat to make an officer in the aeroplane brigade. There are many classic images to pull from you can even pick from The City of Lost Children, the His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, or even The Difference Engine by William Gibson.


Militarypunk or Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea–get your Capt. Nemo on and find yourself a mere person or a giant squid. There’s plenty of wool, silk scarves, stripes, military uniforms, and geared equipment to get that explorer look. Check out Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow or Master of the World for awesome lines and costumes.


Dieselpunk or Sherlock Holmes–are you a socially awkward yet brilliant detective? Do you love giant wrenches and engines? Yes and yes, then get your wool cape, smoking jacket, cravat, hunter hat or tweed suit out and ride out with us to solve some bike related mysteries. Think big gears, industrial, and film noir to inspire you. Rent Mutant Chronicles, or the classic Sherlock Holmes, for ideas.


Cyberpunk–if you’re not much for the past then leap into the hi-tech future. Although we’d include artificial intelligence, hackers and cybernetics in this description you can use The Matrix, TRON, and Blade Runner as inspiration for your outfit. Neon, motherboards, and gas masks can make your look totally from the future.


Have fun everyone, can’t wait to see those outfits!


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10 responses to “Lookbook: Steampunk

  1. You guys are very white. Rep some color homies. People of color do live and bike here too. Jus sayin.

    • hi. i am a person of color, thus my screen name calitexican…

      additionally, the person who put together this lookbook is mixed race.

      we both bike around (often together) AND we’re both women. i feel like i’m reppin’ myself and my life just fine.

      also, if you check out the fotos from last bike party… i think you’ll find plenty of people of color.

  2. @ebonyispleasant: our group reps the POC pretty well but you’re totes right it was hard to find pics of POC steampunkers (I’m Hapa and wrote this month’s Lookbook). It would be awesome if you could come to our ride reppin’ some steampunkery; we’ll get your pic so in the future I know we’ve got some POC steampunk images. Come find me night of, I’ll be in costume!

  3. @ebonyispleasant

    Do you want a personal invitation or what? Stop complaining, get on your bike, bring some friends, stop getting so hung up on color or race, and have fun. Is it that hard?

    • hi asdf@asdf.com aka “blarg.”

      this is not quite the response i would like to have on our page, but i guess we are on the internet and commenters are commenters. in short, yes, it is hard to get “hung up on color or race,” whatever that means. however, this is probably not the place to discuss it, especially since your comment seems rather flame-inducing.

      instead, let’s all read up on this amazing article on steampunks of color over on racialicious. then we can talk about it in person.


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  5. dmd

    bikes are every color. pick one and enjoy. people are people and every color. pick one and enjoy. leave the racial politicking in a diff lane. i really hope this doesnt divide into that since one pic isnt repped. all welcome. all enjoy. dont worry be happy and ride. its amazing what you see when you dont hold your color in front of you – or against someone else. so people- dress up – get your pic taken and ride! maybe make some new friends!! bike party- best of the bay ALL included and from what i have seen – all always welcome! thanks sfbp!

  6. Ive only done the “Steampunk” style at Wumpskate SF Bay…this should be fun!

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