sfbp #8 steampunk map!

| Ride: Friday, August 5 | Gather 7:30 PM, Rollout 8 PM | Meet United Nations Plaza|

it’s a good thing this month’s steampunk theme encourages wearing wool threads. “why?” you ask. well, cause we’re going to be heading to the fog for this ride as we go visit west portal via golden gate park. then we ride to the beach. oh the beach. when most people think of california beaches, they think of bikinis and blondes and blondes in bikinis. well, those of us in northern california know different. we bring wool and our trusty steel cyborg steeds to the beach. and now, go check out our map!



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8 responses to “sfbp #8 steampunk map!

  1. rider44

    Will there be ride art this month?
    Perhaps something incorporating the ‘Best of the Bay’ logo?
    Always nice to see people with the ride art on their spoke cards.

  2. question: will the route end at the beach? I need to get back to Civic Center and I’d like to bike! Will there be others who do this as well?

    • there will be folks riding back to downtown after the ride. also check out the last leg on the map (it’s green and get riders to BART or CalTrains).

  3. Holy shit. I heard some serious commotion outside my window on SLEEPY DESOLATE Vicente street just now! I yelled “what is all this?” and a dood is like “BIKE PARTY FIRST FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH!” Thank you guys for bringing some bangin toons and party-ness to my forgotten street! :DDD

  4. Hope Fairy

    Maybe you meant most men, not “people”, think of blondes in bikinis; I certainly don’t, and it would be wise not to assume you speak for most men either.

    • no, i meant “people,” since that’s what i thought of before i moved to califas, and i’m not a man.

      i gathered this image from things i’d seen on tv and all the like. but yes, of course can only speak from my experience. hope you had fun at bike party!