september theme: GHOST TOWN

San Francisco during Burning Man: the city has been emptied of 50,000 of its hippest inhabitants. The bars are less crowded — so are the parks and cafes. The city is a GHOST TOWN!

Maybe you’re in SF this week because you can’t stand Black Rock City, with its dust, glitter and fire. Maybe you’re here because you didn’t get it together in time to secure one of those precious tickets. Or maybe you just couldn’t stand to miss this month’s SF Bike Party!

In any case, it’s time to get your GHOST TOWN duds ready. Join us as we cycle through a city that is as empty as the Old West.

Lookbook/FB event/Route map soon to come.



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3 responses to “september theme: GHOST TOWN

  1. Rider44

    This is a cool ride theme, great for creative costume ideas, can’t wait!

    Question, is any ‘official’ person 🙂 going to create Ride Art for this GHOST TOWN Ride?
    Or is this a volunteer opportunity for the rest of us to ‘step up’ and create something beautiful to commemorate this ride and share it with everybody else?

    I’ve got some ideas, just wanted to know.

    • it’s a volunteer opportunity right now. please step up if you want. thanks!

      • Rider44

        Excellent! I’ll try to put something together and load it to the SFBP flickr site.

        Hopefully several artists could contribute something each month after the theme is announced…