Civic Center Quad (Larkin and Grove)
Friday, September 2nd, 2011 | 7:30pm gather | 8pm roll

This SFBP tours some of SF’s most swanky, hip, and scenic hoods. Lotsa SF ❤ LOVE in this route, taking our peoples to places they haven't discovered yet or didn't know bikers could easily get to.

We'll start at Civic Center, roll thru Hayes Valley night life, up Fillmore past Yoshi's and Rassala's, then a quick detour thru Japan Town. Hai Hai! There's a few blocks of climb with flats between, and a loop, so slower riders can rest while faster riders zoom up to… the Return to Alta Plaza! Its incredible views and playground were beloved in January. (as always, please leave no trace!)

SFBP 01, January 2011

pic by Volker

The second leg of the night is downhill and flat touring Cow Hollow mansions, then thru the Presidio past ILM and YODA, over the bridge in the estuary, arriving at Chrissy Field for dancing by the Bay in view of GG Bridge, Sausalito and Tiburon. We have a SURPRISE planned there, to be revealed the night of!

pic by markjelinsky

The last leg is an easy tour to recharge dancing legs. Beginning by the Palace of Fine Arts (photo op!) we’ll roll thru Chesnut nightlife, North Point, and the Embarcadero passing the Ferry Bldg. We’ll end the night with a dance party at Rincon Park under the Arrow and the Bay Bridge.

pic by ScottHessPhoto.com

BART and Caltrain are close for those who party till last train.
If the weather gets chilly, we have sheltered route and party options to keep everything toasty.
This will be an EPIC night of SF Bike Partying. Come thru!



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7 responses to “SFBP #09 — GHOST TOWN — ROUTE UP!

  1. Steve

    Ghost town I guess is the theme?

  2. Chris

    Never thought you organizers can find a better route the last bike party, but you guys always prove me wrong.


    • thanks! one thing i like about this route is most people don’t visit these places, thinking they’re too hilly or difficult to access by bike. but there’s streets with mellow grades and ways into them that even a noob can ride. so i hope ppl have an “ahh haa!” moment realizing virtually all of SF is bike accessible if you get to know the best ways. =D

      • Chris

        That’s great Nio! That’s one of the many things I enjoy SF Bike Party because I haven’t explore all of SF yet. I have an ex-coworker and a cycling friend who are coming out for the first time and I am excited to show them some fun.

        A great fan of SF Bike Party!

  3. nio

    correction, Friday September 2nd!!! but y’all knew that. woot! thanks and cya there!

  4. Fantastic ride! Anybody with a bike computer who has an idea on how long it was? 20miles or less? 😉