sfbp#9 Lookbook: GHOST TOWN

our very own awesome MK put this lookbook together. enjoy!

September — Ghost Town

Are you missing out on Burning Man this year? Have you never been but have always been curious about it and what those people do out in the desert? Or are you happy that San Francisco will be empty and free of all of our hippiest neighbors? If you’re part of either camp, come check out our SFBP September Ghost Ride. Here are *just* a few ideas for costumes and we can’t wait to see what people come up with!

(DPW Parade @ Burning Man)

DPW — (Department of Public Works) — Do you like building things? Are you into power tools and Carharts? Then you’ll fit right in with these folks. They help build BRC and make it liveable for all the participants. Get out your Carharts, boots, utility vests and belts and help us build our own moveable Black Rock City on bikes!


Lamplighters — Do you enjoy bringing light to the world? Have a white toga? Welcome to the Lamplighters, the folks that bring light to the dark BRC streets. Get out your lanterns (let’s do electric so we don’t burn anything or anyone on our ride!) and come join us as we too usher in the night!

Art Bike – Have a tall bike, willing to travel? Come on down and ride your monster, Frankenstien bike with us next Friday. We love you who are creative and interested in sharing your baby with the BP community. Even if you don’t have a mutant bike, get your L wire out and throw it on your bike!

Ghost Town — Does this Burning Man stuff not really tickle your fancy? Not really your thing? Don’t fear, we’ve got something just for you too! Get out your spurs and chaps, dust off your hat, and saunter up to our September ride. Ghosts, sheriffs, outlaws, barmaids, and all those folks enjoying the quiet of an abandoned city should get in gear for this month’s ride.


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