Ride Recap: sfbp#8 Steampunk

Thanks for bearing with us for the ride recap! Never been to an SFBP before? Take a look at the recap below and please JOIN US Friday, September 2, 7:30pm at the Civic Center quad. GHOST TOWN is out theme

Thanks goodness our theme had wool as an option! We had about 200-300 cold-weather loving Bike Partiers come out decked to the nines. Our start was at UN Plaza and we were greeted early in the evening by our famous San Francisco fog!

fog and city hall

more politickin'

Even some folks repping our SFBP shirts!

There were plenty of riders out there who came decked to the nines in our Steampunk theme.

blue duby


Our Rock the Bike friends came out to join us…


Don’t know of RTB? Make your own music bike like this guy


There were some old school bikes.

green el wire schwinn

rivendell with a bell


And even O’Riley came dressed up!


Working our way through Hayes Valley, up past Alamo Square and up to the Panhandle, we conquered some of the tough hills the city has to offer. Our first stop brought us to the Conservator of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. With the fog mixing with the bike lights, it was a warm and welcoming sight to riders.



The Conservatory watched over us through the fog as we caught up with friends and partied to great beats provided by our industrious music bikes


On our way to our second party stop, we rolled through some of the old school parts of San Francisco. Forest Hills, West Portal, and the Sunset. We rolled into the park greeted with more fog! This stop was a bit short, it was still rad to see people get their dance on.


Even O’Riley got his groove on with some support from admirers.




We followed a straight shot down from the park to the beach to party on the sand dunes. On our way, we had to ride past some MUNI tracks. We want to remind everyone that MUNI tracks are unavoidable in this city, so better to learn how to ride across them (45 degree angles at LEAST). There are some great resources at the SFMTA or with the SF Bike Coalition that explain what to do in SF when you encounter those pesky tracks. We want to remind people that safety should come first to all riders, so that means to take care of yourself and to pay attention on the roads while riding your bike.


At our final party stop we were welcomed by some Park Rangers…but they sat back and watched us party! We ended the night rocking to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach and great music bike tunes. Many riders parked their bikes and went to party in the sand.


Thanks to all the riders and volunteers who made Bike Party happen and we can’t wait to see you on our next ride!


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