SFBP #10 Lookbook: Under the Circus Big Top

October 2011 — Under The Big Top

October 7th, @7:30pm at China Basin Park

The circus is in town! The circus is here! Come one, come all! Come big, come small! Come out to our next San Francisco Bike Party Circus ride! At our ride, you won’t find abused elephants or sad, creepy clowns because at SFBP you’ll find a cruelty-free party. Our October ride will be celebrating the circus in all it’s forms, from our childhood to modern day circus

Lion Tamer — You like cats? And we mean proper, swallow-your-head-whole, eat-100lbs-of-meat-in-one-sitting, queen-of-the-jungle kind of cats? Then here’s your chance to let your inner lion tamer ROAR!!! For this look you can gather the following: bull whips, red jackets, jodhpurs and boots.


Trapeze Artist/Tight Rope Walker — Spandex your favorite material? Do you regularly wake up with chalk on your hands? Can you look death in the face and laugh? Well you should cartwheel or back flip on over to this look: spandex unitard, cape, tutu, umbrella, possibly a chair if you’re feeling really edgy, and maybe some ballet flats.


Unicyclist — Can you simultaneously ride a unicycle and juggle?…whilst also juggle flaming chainsaws? First off, my friend, you are awesome. Second, you should come out in all your gravity defying glory to show us how it’s done. For this look you simply need to be on your unicycle and it will speak for itself!


Clown/Harlequin —  Enjoy diamond shapes and/or silly mix matched clothing? Do you happen to have white face paint and nose that honks? Come on down and join our rowdy group of clowns for SFBP’s October ride! For those clowns with safety on the mind, you can thrown on a safety cone as a hat for an awesome, yet safe look. Mimes are welcome as long as you’re not overly chatty.


Can’t wait to see what people come up with!






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