lookbook: dia de las bicicletas!

|Next Ride Friday, November 4 at 7:30 PM~ Starting Balboa Park~Route Map http://g.co/maps/7k8wv |

if you have lived in the bay area for any amount of time, most likely you are familiar with various looks for day of the dead as celebrated in parts of north, central and south america. they can range from the more traditional, to the sf-influenced looks.

traditional looks incorporate the flowers for the eyes, usually a cross on the forehead or on the chin. some incorporate cracks on the skulls, and there’s also those half-skull faces. and don’t forget those marigolds for your hair or on your person!

Dancers in the zocalo
dancing catrinas!

Remembrance | Dia de los Muertos Austin 2010
my hometown of ATX representing. how amazing are these two?! they are holding a picture of their grandfather.

as seen in an online newspaper for mcallen texas. valley represent! the whispers coming out of her mouth have indigenous roots and it indicates she’s talking.

Calavera Family
calavera family in los angeles

dia de los muertos’ way of celebrating the dead has its roots in aztec culture, and the mixing of spanish and indigenous iconography during dia de los muertos celebrations continues today.

Mexica Dancer
preparing an offering during dia de los muertos in zocalo square, mexico city

Dia de los Muertos 2010
nyc parade

catholic and 1910 revolution images in los angeles, califas

here are two sf-influenced looks by some homies of mine. they have a more modern and urban feel, and what are we here at sfbp if not modern and urban?

Day of the Dead photoshoot: Meli
click on the pic to see it in animated gif form! you can see the hint of a cross on her forehead.

Mayra y su bicicleta
mayra y su bici!

oakland represent as well…

but we’re not only doing day of the dead as they celebrate it in the americas. we also want people to share how their own culture honors the dead.

japan’s bon festival!

Bon Festival Dance.

bon festival - 12.jpg

china’s qingming festival

this is obviously not a comprehensive list…so please represent yourself and be proud!

see you all on friday, november 4, 2011 at 7:30pm! stay tuned for the route!



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