Ride Recap: Dia de las Bicicletas! Ride #11

Dia de las Bicicletas represented the the Day of the Dead love! We had about 300 riders, with at least 50 in costume. We explored new neighborhoods, powered up some hills, coasted down a never ending glorious decent, found some new protected bike lanes, and partied at some unique regroups. If you missed this ride, we have one every first Friday of the month. Next ride is December 2 at 7:30 PM.

Dia de las Bicicletas showed that our riders have an incredible mastery of face paint!  We had so many incredible looks that survived the  potential sweat-off from challenging hills . Here are just a handful of our artists:

Photos by Hugh D’Andrade

Riders didn’t get just come in face paint and marigolds.

We had a butterfly


Photos by Hugh D’Andrade

This rider had the ultimate combination, lights, themed basket, and the half face.

Photo by Hugh D’Andrade

Of course costumes wouldn’t be complete without this little guy!

Our ride was a little different this month, we explored southern San Francisco neighborhoods, starting at Balboa Park.  Three hundred people made it out! Thank you to all the riders that left the roadway open for SFPD.

Photo by nfthach85

The ride rolled along Ocean Ave and took a leisurely loop through City College. Ocean Avenue pedestrians and drivers were excited to see our crowd. I heard so many “What is this?”with jubilance and curiosity. After Ocean we stopped at Aptos Middle School.

Photo by Numbnutzz

It was a beautiful meet up location. Too bad the police asked us to leave a little earlier than we would have liked.

Immediately after Aptos, riders encountered the “dreaded uphill” part of the ride.  Just as every challenge has a reward, every uphill has a downhill and riders crested  Monterey Blvd to be able to coast the next 20 or more blocks.  The ride continued to Alemany Blvd, where we rode the brand new separated bike path

Photo by Numbnutzz

and then stopped at the Alemany Farmers Market lot.

Photo by Rachel Sher

Where we had dancing

Photo by nfthach85

and had planking

Photo by nfthach85

and spinning

Photo by Rachel Sher

and of course made friends

Photo by nfthach85

The next leg journeyed through bayshore  and then to 24th

Photos by nfthach85

We ended at Garfield Square and several riders started a game of kick ball and celebration.

Photos by Rachel Sher

What was your experience with the ride? Share it in our comments!


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