SFBP #12 Lookbook: Aurora Borealis, The Winter Lights

[Next ride, Friday December 2 at 7:30 PM ~ Starting at Potrero Del Sol Park (25th St & Utah) ~ Route Map http://g.co/maps/sz86q]

The air is starting to turn, dark and chilly. The leaves are starting to turn and fall. The sun is setting earlier. But in the darkness comes a glow of ethereal light. It’s the Aurora Borealis, the northern lights that will dance across the sky like winter spirits.

Check out the following ideas on how you can participate in our next ride’s theme!

Bike Lights!

Don’t forget about your faithful steed! Decorate her with more than just your basic lights. The Bay Area is chock full of local artists and engineers who make nontraditional bicycle lights. Several drugstore chains also carry battery operated lights you can use to gussy up your bike.

Should it be a tandem bike light party?

Good ol’ fashion L-wire!

digging on edgar's spoke lights
Or battery operated ones you can pick up at your local drug store’s holiday section.

happy holidays

vacant look + ill fitting helmet are made up for by bright lights

Or even bike specific lights.

Why limit yourself to lights? How about… Northern Sports!

Invoke the spirit of our Northern cousins who participate in the sport of curling. Grab yourself a broom, some warm weather clothing, and rock out with your stone out!

(best pants EVER)

Or… Winter Spirits!

Got blue pants and nowhere to go, well you’re in luck. Jack Frost is an iconic winter myth that can be captured and brought to Bike Party. Who doesn’t want the sprite that embodies snow to come on our ride?

Or did you consider… Tsagaan Sar!

Gallop on over from your yurt, to celebrate an early Tsagaan Sar. This is a traditional Mongolian holiday where the first new moon after the winter darkness is celebrated. Mount your trusty steed (or bike for that matter) and celebrate the holiday by greeting your family and friends.

This should be a great opportunity to stretch those costuming muscles! Bring your blinkies, bring your Xmas lights, bring your glowing light saber, and help us illuminate the city of our dreams!



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  2. jobeesh

    It would be really sweet if bike party posted to Twitter at each checkpoint because I’m in gg park right now and bike party is not.