SFBP featured rider: Dave

hi y’all. we’re going to start featuring some familiar faces here on the blog. these people have been at several SFBP rides and bring with them a certain personality. our first one is….Dave.

Dave rides the very recognizable and very bad ass chopper bike. And the best part is, he MADE it himself! He comes to SF all the way from Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz County just to ride with us!!! This man is the epitome of easy rider cool and someone we can look forward to seeing every first Friday of the month. If you ride next to him, you can hear those cards making a chopper-like sound. But it’s better than a motorcycle, because it’s human powered, just the way we like it!




The next time you ride with SFBP, drop by and say hello to Dave. As always, ride safe and ride cool, just like Dave.



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2 responses to “SFBP featured rider: Dave

  1. haparider

    i wanna be like Dave.

  2. i wanna be, wanna be like dave.