January Theme: Birthday Gala

[Next ride January 6 at 7:30PM ~ Starting at Civic Center]
Route Map http://g.co/maps/uspt9 ~
Route from End To BART & CalTrain http://g.co/maps/umgpj

San Francisco Bike Party cordially invites you to join us the sixth of January, two-thousand and twelve for a formal birthday gala under the stars.

It’s been a full year since our inaugural ride and we want YOU to help us celebrate this milestone anniversary. So invite your bestie, get ’em a corsage, get dolled up in your finest formal wear and join us the first Friday of the new year. We’ll be tipping our hats and waving our monocles to some of the favorite party stops as we wind our way through the city of our birth!

Help SFBP conserve paper by printing your very own turn guide!
SFBP #13 – turn guide(1)

Bring your best and join us as we celebrate our hatching day!


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10 responses to “January Theme: Birthday Gala

  1. i cant believe it has been a year since i went on the first ride! it has been so much fun! thanks!!

  2. Paul R

    There was several serious problems with SFBP Ride for Dec 2011!!!!!!!!
    1) The ride started to late, after 8:20, however scheduled for 7:30pm.
    2) The route was changed from the original plan.
    3) The second stop was after 11pm.
    4) There was not enough monitoring at cross streets on the ride, a bicyclist almost got hit by a car at the intersection of Post and Pine.
    There is a lot of riders that live in the East Bay and South Bay that need to make trains at 12pm, having the rides start late and having second stops after 11pm puts a lot of pressure on these people to make their transportation dead lines. Also more monitoring needs to be deployed on the ride for the safety of cyclists.

    • Agree on the time issue. I’ve been to several of these and every time it’s departed at least 20-30 min late, and the stops can feel overly long, esp in cold windy weather. Yes the bike party is a great time but the total disregard for keeping the show on a reasonable time schedule makes it a deal breaker đŸ˜¦

      • thanks for the feedback. we will discuss this in our upcoming meeting. if you want to volunteer to round up people during stops to make the move faster, please do so! we are short on volunteers and this is nothing but a volunteer organization. we are in a transitional stage, and all of your input is greatly appreciated.

  3. Cathy

    It was a challenging ride going up and down hills. I loved it and ending up at Golden Gate Park was awesome. I looked at the clock and it was 12:16 am. I missed BART. I have to think twice whether I want to miss the train again although I enjoyed the whole ride.

  4. Kevin Viegas

    It would we really awsome if the end point would be around Caltrain and or Bart. There really are alot of people coming from all over the bay area

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  6. Sharon Champion

    I live near GG Park. I run — and drive — all around the area. I work on street safety issues in the neighborhood. 1 person in 20 comes close to a stop at the stop signs on each block. I watched a Clement St. bus, fully loaded go right through one (NOT a “California stop”) this morning at about 10 mph – -which I also saw two weeks ago on the California St. line. A group of people riding bikes in the dark on those streets is called “death wish.”

  7. ~LBC

    Thank you so much, volunteers and organizers! I understand there are hitches (starting late, ending “late”. . . .though I’m not sure I understand how it’s the organizers responsibility to help you make a train on time, but anyway) to any large event – but I have nothing but good things to say about my Bike Party experience. I love costumes, riding, and dancing and LOVE this event. Thank you so much! Happy Birthday.

  8. Thank you volunteers and riders of SFBP! Best one yet! Although it sometimes throws ya off, a missed turn and subsequent regroup into the bike party is a great feeling. Big ups to singlespeeders out there slayin’ the rollers! Wilson WoS.