February Theme: Monster Bash!

[Next ride February 3rd at 7:30 pm ~Starting at Kelloch/Velasco Park in the Bayview~ route map. There will be a feeder ride from Dolores Park  (steps at 19th & Dolores) to gathering spot on Friday. Meet at 6:30; ride at 6:45.]

FEE–FI–FO–FUM!!!!! I smell the sweat of a bike partier! Crawl out from the pond, slither from under the stairs and join us for our next ride–the Monster Bash! Under the cover of darkness we’re calling on the three eyed, winged, and fanged monsters to ride with us through some amazing vistas SF has to offer. So grab your bike, your tentacles, your cyclops friend and roll on down to SFBP’s February ride!



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22 responses to “February Theme: Monster Bash!

  1. Kyle Madison

    Hey guys. I’m telling you, do not allow boom boxes this month. I love to see you ride by, but blasting music out of several different speakers while you ride by is against your own rule of being respectful. I’ve already spoken to the police and I’m going to give them your route if it passes my way. They’ve already said they’ll give a citation to anyone disturbing the peace. Let’s keep that from happening.

    • jack jabernockie

      no music are you kidding me!!!! you scrooge, its called bike party, we don’t bike around in silence. words truly don’t describe the contempt i have for that idea.

  2. Joe

    What is your address Kyle?

    • being that he let us know where he lives in another disrespectful comment we didn’t publish because of it’s negative tone, we can tell you the corner where he lives. we wont because, despite his threats, we’re bigger than that.

      • Kyle Madison

        Disrespectful is riding around at midnight blasting music at everyone as if you rule the city. Let’s see where that gets you in the long run.

  3. Kyle Madison

    Yeah, I don’t want you egging my building. Be courteous to everyone, not just the ones that complain.

    • Townie Bill

      In several years of Bike Parties everywhere, I have yet to see anyone throw an egg at anything. Save the eggs for breakfast!

  4. Joe


    If you don’t like it here move out of San Francisco.

  5. Dubious

    Kyle: We weren’t riding around your place at midnight. Bike Party typically reaches its final party stop by midnight because East Bay riders have to make it back to BART.

    We passed by your place closer to 10pm. I understand how frustrating it can be when there’s noise at night–one time an upstairs neighbor of mine had a loud party the night before I took the bar exam. But you live in a city. Some fleeting noise at 10pm on a Friday night is just part of living in a city–whether the noise is from a rolling bike party, an ambulance, crowds cheering after a sports victory, or one of a million other things.

    So…while noise is a legitimate issue, you’re being pretty darn ridiculous.

    On the topic of noise, I love you, speaker bikes! But some of you could perhaps turn it down a notch or two. Occasionally I’m worried about hearing loss when I post up next to a speaker bike at a stop light!

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  7. ~LBC

    Hi Kyle,
    Thank you for your honest request. And thank you for your original comment that you “love to see us ride by” – albeit without blasting music. I really appreciate this dialogue because it opens doors into important themes that I think we as a society are facing daily – whether it be on our bikes, on Bart, in the park, or living near a sports stadium. Basically, how do we live together as human beings when we have different preferences?

    Thank you, Kyle, for your sharing what it is like to be you on the evenings that we pass on our bikes. I understand that it is not ideal and that you would prefer for us to not have speakers and music. As you referenced, it is the mission of Bike Party to be respectful. . . and I hope that we continue to dedicate as much energy into that goal as we have this first epic year (riding to the right, giving cars right of way, stopping at Stop signs, wearing lights etc). Unfortunately, Bike Party would simply not be the same if we didn’t have music. It is FUNDAMENTALLY part of the experience and I want to acknowledge that our fun may temporarily make your night not-so-fun. I’m sorry for that. I hope that you will consider joining us sometime and seeing how very thrilling, enjoyable, and healthy it is to ride bikes and dance. In the mean time, I recommend ear plugs. They work wonders.


    • Kyle Madison

      So you’re telling me to fuck myself and live with it because you just have to be an asshole in the middle of the night. This is not a party that is contained in one room and annoys a neighbor or two. This is consciously riding through the streets blasting music to several hundred (thousand?) people because you think it’s your right. It’s not, and you’re a patronizing asshole.

      When I collapse from exhaustion at 11pm from having a job and a life that is about more than me I don’t expect to be woken up an hour later by shit music, then try to go back to sleep only to hear more shit music go by and then another round of shit music until I can’t go back to sleep. The people next door to me with the one year old hate you. It takes them an hour to put that kid back to bed after you go by. The 70 year old lady on the fifth floor said the most filthy, pornographic things about you. I’m the only one in the building savvy enough to look you up. That doesn’t mean I’m the only one annoyed. These are the faces of the people being affected by your “fun”.

      I tried to be nice, it obviously didn’t help because selfish people are selfish. I’m glad you’re not coming through my neighborhood this week. I have your site. I know your routes. We’re going to do everything within the law to put an end to your fun if this shit continues.

  8. Alai

    I’ve been a participant and I’ve enjoyed the rides a great deal (been on 3) but I will share one experience: I was on a Bike Party ride last summer and joined some others for food, after which we kept company on some of the way home. Now, this wasn’t Bike Party proper, but the dude with the speaker bike was playing it loud, and it was well after midnight. I’m sorry I didn’t say anything at the time.

    Anyway, this would most likely be the main cause of any eventual crackdown (or other antibike sentiment), and I don’t think a police presence adds to the party atmosphere.

  9. we have had police respond to noise complaints before. this is nothing new to SFBP, and likely not new to SJBP or EBBP either. they come up to us at party stops and we all chat. we are cordial, respectful and work well with them if they show up. is all part of living in a thriving and vibrant community. also, since there are more legitimate and serious dangers which to attend, we, luckily, are met with the same importance as high schoolers hanging out at school after hours. thanks SFPD!

  10. Townie Bill

    We now know that there is a Kyle Madison that is not tolerant of anything that upsets his quiet life during the once a month bike ride that may or may not ride through his neighborhood. We attempted to have a pleasant exchange and have encouraged his participation suggesting he join us.

    Kyle Madison is a hater. Haters are gonna hate.

    We are not anarchists and we are sensitive to others who may not be willing or able to participate. We will continue to build community and we see the positive effect of Bike Party. As we say, “roll past conflict”. We thank our music trailer people for the energy and vibe they bring to the party. They too will read this and respond accordingly.

    SF Bike Party is a wonderful event Kyle. It’s a PARTY! Look out the window at the people having a lovely evenning on their bikes. There is no harm, no emissions, no tax dollars spent. Just monsters on bikes.

    I’m sad that you can’t find tolerance in your heart.
    Welcome to San Francisco.
    We wish you well.

  11. Chris


    Go lay an egg and suck on it! Call the cops if you want to. The party always ends by 11pm and is always at a park which is away from residence.

    Monsters, let’s roar as loud tomorrow!

  12. Kyle, so sorry I forgot to send you the invite to the party, I know how sensitive you are and butt hurt you get when your friends forget you. Please join next time and have a drink with us while enjoying the public space the city has to offer! – Wilson