route for sfbp#16!

yo, animals! we’ve got a route… check it out.

we’re meeting at the carrosel and only doing TWO party stops. our riding time between each stop is going to be longer! wooooooooot.

also please be prepared to leave on time. we heard you as you asked to leave earlier. now is the time!



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6 responses to “route for sfbp#16!

  1. Nick

    Hope this one does not go late for the people trying to use BART.

    • you can leave the ride whenever in order to catch your train, like the SJ regulars do, but with the combination for us leaving on time and only two party stops, you should be able to ride back to bart no problem. 🙂

  2. I think the Kangaroos would appreciate the “party” moving to the larger parking area about 100-ft east of whats shown on the route map. They have nothing against bikes, but don’t really like parties at night.

  3. elizabeth

    Hey…The Great Highway is closed today 4/6/2012 in both directions…why take a residential street to the Zoo when you can take the GH???

    • oh man. that’s a great idea, but we were unaware of it. we don’t have time to check it out before. will pass on to our route planners.

      would be great on the way back…i sense a bike party train of bikes on the GH later tonight!

      edited to add: it’s closed for sand removal. sand and bikes don’t like each other a lot, unless on the playa. we’ll prob stick to our regular route. thanks for the info!!