Bike Party #18 “Black and White Ball” Lookbook

Come join us for a formal affair, this Friday, June 1st at Garfield Square Park (26th and Harrison) at 7:30.  We roll at 8:00pm!

route map here!

Black and White and Pink. The author’s personal favorite color combination!

Two words: Tuxedo kit!

Why not pull out your Zebra bike for the ball?

Cycling should never stop you from looking your best!

Who says a T-Shirt isn’t dressy?

We see you, San Jose Bike Party! We would love to see this rider back in the habit on Friday!

In Amsterdam every day is a Black Tie Bike Party!

Looking snappy in black and white!

Looks like a Bike Party to us!

SFBP can’t wait to have a Bike Party Wedding. Any takers?

If Katherine Hepburn can ride a bike in a dress and heels, you can too!



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4 responses to “Bike Party #18 “Black and White Ball” Lookbook

  1. Is there a route posted somewhere?

  2. Jules looking good! And I love that zebra bike. 🙂

    Wish I was in SF to make this ride. 🙂