San Francisco Bike Party #19: London Calling: Punk Rock Olympics Lookbook

Please join us for a celebration of summer time, achievement in sport and ALL THINGS PUNK!  Meet on Friday, July 6th, 7:30pm at The James A. Garfield Statue in Golden Gate Park.  We roll at 8:00! Route TBA.

Pick a punk rock look that matches your deep Vs

Riding Tandem, Punk Rock Style. (SFBP does not endorse, condone or recommend this behavior, but the outfits are pretty badass!)

What your track bike is for: Jamming for your country in the Velodome.

Support your Punk Rock Nation with a skull and crossbones kit!

Get your sexy on, Gymnast style!

Synchronize biking team? Yes, please!

Please tell me there is a brave bike partier who can make this happen!

Kim Yu-Na may be a Winter Olympian, but she sure knows how to bring the punk!



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4 responses to “San Francisco Bike Party #19: London Calling: Punk Rock Olympics Lookbook

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  2. Awesome route. Thank you SFBP Volunteers and Riders.

  3. SF_BikeMom

    Is there any way that you could switch the speaker bikes off when passing residential areas during future rides? Or, alternatively, if you feel that this is not feasible, is there any way that you could schedule your rides for an earlier time (e.g. 5 or 6pm)? I am a passionate bike commuter myself, so I’m not coming from a place of bike hating. I am usually hard to offend and supportive of your right and desire to party in whatever way you do, as long as you are doing so without hurting anybody else. I am also a mother to two small children, who are pretty hard to get to sleep and who do need their sleep. To have a huge crowd of cyclists come by our neighborhood at 10pm with speakers blasting is a big problem for me and my family.

    Could you possibly put yourself into my (and other families’) shoes and come up with a workable solution that lets you party and us sleep? In addition to really needing the rest at night (watching two little ones can definitely zap your energy, and I tend to get up at 5 or 6am, trying to get some work in before they wake up), I am very worried about groups such as yours further antagonizing the already strained relationship between bicyclists and motorists.

    Out and about on my bike with the kids, I find myself to be at the receiving end of a lot of hostility from drivers, some of whom consider anybody on two wheels the enemy. I am putting my hopes in SF Bicycle Coalitions’ and other organizations’ attempts at working towards a more peaceful and more constructive co-existence. However, if groups such as yours continue to consider SF residential neighborhoods your playground and keep feeling entitled to being as noisy as you want as late as you want to, then I worry that you, in the process, create more hate towards bicyclists such as myself, who do rely on bikes for daily transportation, thus giving drivers more justification to target us (we had situations of drivers passing me with my toddler on the kid-seat with far too little clearance, just to passive-aggressively show me who’s boss) and essentially putting my and my kids’ life in danger. By trying to be as obnoxious as you can possibly be, you are bound to further radicalize other non-bicyclists who would otherwise take a “live and let live” approach and increase the level of hate that I encounter when I use my bike to get around.

    Thank you in advance for whatever you can do in this manner and for hopefully not mocking my concerns but taking them seriously.