SFBP #20 Twins to Twin Peaks Lookbook

If you need inspiration for your Twin Peaks garb, look no further! Whether you are a fan of the show or just a fan of Bike Partying, anything goes on the mysterious, foggy peaks that halo our fair city! Find a buddy and wear matching outfits, get yourself an evil twin, ghost ride your twin’s bike (“Hey guys, my twin in INVISIBLE!”) or turn your music bike trailer into Sutro Tower.  Whatever you do, make sure to bring some brakes, because this ride up to the second highest point in San Francisco (missing Mount Davidson by ONLY 6 FEET!) is no joke, and neither is the ride down!  Be prepared to climb and descend in a music fueled party peloton! Can’t wait to see you at the top!

If you don’t know much about David Lynch’s Twin peaks, here’s a taste to ring your bike bell.


Sutro Tower keeps San Franciscans in awe. Throw a mini-replica on your helmet!

These ladies have the right idea! Make sure to tie down your cowboy hats for this ride!

Bring your real twin!

Bring some evil twins!

(I didn’t think the film “The Shining” could get any scarier, but then it just did!)

Or, you know, do this. Piece of cake.

Meet us in the over flow parking lot of Glen Park BART at 7:30pm, Friday August 3rd. Bikes allowed on BART ALL DAY! We roll up the peaks, taking the easiest possible way, at 8:00!

route map!


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