SFBP #20 Twins to Twin Peaks Recap

Can you believe we took bike party up Twin Peaks!? If you can’t, you must not have been there, because it’s exactly what we did with about 150 of our closest Bike Party friends on Friday, August 3rd. San Francisco is all about hills, and we knew there was no better way to get after them than by climbing one of our fair city’s tallest peaks. The ride from Glen Park BART station is quite gentle, with a continuous, even grade all the way to the top. The view would have been spectacular in the mid summer sunset too, if the weather had cooperated! Along with San Francisco’s hills comes San Francisco’s fog, so instead of glorious vistas we got a lovely, ethereal  view of Bike Partier’s blinkie lights in the myst.

The mood was light and bright at the start, despite the already slightly ominous weather, with several music bikes and even a few sets of twins!

We had a pretty good crowd at the start in Glen Park

How do you like these twins?

Emily and Robert make pretty cute twins

The Glen Park Neighborhood sits on the southern slope of Twin Peaks, so our ride started with a bit of a leg up. Thank goodness, because 922 feet is no joke! Some partiers had to walk a bit, but many made it to the summit where the tunes and the wind were bumping and grinding. Even though it was rather wet and wild at the top, we managed to party it up a bit before heading back down hill.

View from the top!

Steeper than it looks! Thanks to all the volunteers!

Riding over to Potrero del Sol park was a breeze after the peaks, and we are thankful to all the volunteers who helped out on the downhills (And the uphills, we know it was cold and windy up there!).  Many people waited in the fog to make sure no one got lost and we still had a great group ready to party by the time we arrived at our last stop!

Thanks to everyone who makes San Francisco Bike Party so fabulous and for trusting us to take you up the peaks.  Stay tuned for info on our next Bike Party on Friday, September 7th.  It’s going to be trippy!



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4 responses to “SFBP #20 Twins to Twin Peaks Recap

  1. What’s up with the photos not properly uploading to the blog everytime? I feel bad I missed the last ride, but my calves don’t mind.

    • missmikaela

      @Anas, photos seem to be loading fine in 3 different browsers. Can you elaborate? What OS are you using?

  2. i’m glad we did that. really. hoping, though, that we get some east side blue sky before we go into night ride season. [talking mission, potrero, SOMA, etc]

  3. JohnnyRocketskates

    Skate party!