SFBP #21 Summer of Love Recap

What a long, strange trip indeed.  Backwards and forwards, uphill and down, round and round and round we go. Through the Haight and the Golden Gate, where hippies came to play, we pedaled together towards the rabbit hole.  Some hills are big and some hills are small, but we asked Alice and she said she loves to ride her bike when she’s 10 feet tall!

This Bike Party was a great way to close out another San Francisco Summer of Love, with friends, fun and bikes! The weather was excellent and the tye-dye was in full force.  Our ride started in the Panhandle and took us on a mini magical mystery tour past the former homes of Jerry Garcia (710 Ashbury, at Waller)  and Janis Joplin (122 Lyon, at Oak). In case you missed it, they are here and here: After a very trippy ride up and down Haight street, we made our way to our first stop on Hippie Hill, where we had a great view, good beats and a psychedelic light show. The lovefest continued into the night (and into the park) for more good tunes with good friends, and ended with us dancing the night away! Thanks to all the lovers who came out!

I’ve got a fever and the only cure is more tye-dye!

Thank Jerry Garcia for Tye-Dye!

Hippies on Haight

If you’re going to San Francisco…

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair!

Peace and love, Y’all!



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3 responses to “SFBP #21 Summer of Love Recap

  1. It was good fun and all, but it wasn’t the most organized ride I’ve participated in. Keeping the route a mystery mostly caused riders to get lost and ridership was decimated close to the end. Started with around 400(?) and ended with around 40ish at the last stop.

    Request for future ride, if you plan on making the route a mystery, please make sure there are enough volunteers at turns ahead of time. Also, make sure the lead is going slow enough for people to catch up.

    Thanks for the hard work though.

    • Jon

      Totally agree.

      I love bike party sooo much! But I feel like it hasn’t been very clear when it’s time to leave each stop. I think that’s why we haven’t had big finishes as of late.

      Thanks so much to our organizers! I am more than happy to help spread the word about rollouts if man power is the issue.

    • missmikaela

      Hey Anas, The mystery route was a one time thing in keeping with our Summer of Love theme. It was a magical mystery tour. You are always welcome to volunteer for our rides, and several bike partiers stepped up to offer their support, but we always struggle to find enough people to properly support bike party. If you want to volunteer, please be a part and sign up here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?authkey=COXNgukO&authkey=COXNgukO&formkey=dDd3VmJpZXZiQi10ZV9ucFdlYzRQVkE6MA#gid=0

      We can’t keep bike party going without the support of our community. Ding Ding!