SFBP #23 If you Mustache… Lookbook

Hey Bike Partiers! Have you been working on your look for November’s ride? I have, here’s some evidence:


If you still need help figuring out how to rock a killer mustache next Friday night, whether you can grow one or not, here are some ideas to get your tips curling.

Throw a mustache on a stick and you’ll be ready for party stops!

I mustache, how deep is your love?

Now this guy knows how to properly dress up his ‘stache!

Bikes can grow mustaches! Who knew!?

One of you can crochet one of these in a week, right? Don’t let me down, bike partiers!

What came first, the mustache or the handlebar?

This t-shirt is pretty cool, but you’d be the coolest if you showed up with a sexy ‘stache AND a penny farthing!

Cycling cap and finger mustache tattoo (or fake tattoo). Bike Party costume: Check!

This guy is the original mustache gangster.

If you need more inspiration on how to style your facial hair, look no further than the world beard championships, which you can see here. Now, get costuming Bike Partiers! The ride is less tha a week away! We can’t wait to see you on Friday, November 2nd at Civic Center.  Meet up at 7:30, roll at 8:00! Ding Ding!



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3 responses to “SFBP #23 If you Mustache… Lookbook

  1. Can we check out Dia de los Muertos events along the ride route?
    My mustache will be made out of sugar skulls.


    • missmikaela

      We will be avoiding the procession route as it gets far too congested for bikes, but our last stop is in Dolores Park, so you’ll be near by if you ride with us to the end. There is also a free Dia de los Muertos after party at Public Works.