SFBP #24 Land of Misfit Toys Recap

Oh My Gosh, you guys! Thank you all so much for bringing so many awesome toys and making our first annual SFBP and SFYBP toy and bike drive such a huge success! We are so pleased that you took the time to be a part and give back. Thanks for coming out and brightening our spirits this holiday season.  We couldn’t do it without you!

So, should we talk about how awesome the ride was?  Yes, let’s!

We got a beautiful break in the weather last Friday after a week of rain and cold, and even though it was chilly, we still had a jolly band of misfits at McCovey Cove. I saw Rudolph, a few Elves and even a My Little Pony! After collecting lots of toys in our cargo bikes (Many thanks to James, Ian, CTX, Mark and Woody for carrying loads!) we rolled out through the dog patch for a lovely first leg through the city and along the water. For the first time this month, we used a new app called Glympse to track our location. This is quite possibly the best thing EVER, and lets us share our progress on the route in real time with anyone who has a smart phone.  We’ll be posting our Glympse of each ride on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google +) before we roll out from now on, and you don’t have to have the app to follow along! And no, we’re not being paid for this, we just think it’s hella cool!

Bright lights at McCovey Cove. Pgoto credit ku1313.  Thanks for tagging!

Bright lights at McCovey Cove. Photo credit ku1313. Thanks for tagging!

When we arrived at South Park, our first party stop, things got crazy on the dance floor when our friends @MusicBikes and @sfdjmacguyver (Thanks, Mark, Ed and Crew) linked their 3 music bikes with home stereo sharing equipment to blast the same music in surround sound! We are so impressed that you were able to surprise us with so much awesome sound and we hope everyone enjoyed the block rockin’ beats! It was also great to see misfit toys playing on the play ground, piling up their bikes and meeting new friends.  Have you made new friends at Bike Party?  We hope so.  We’d love to hear your stories in the comments or on social media.  Send us a message!

The second leg took us along the Embarcadero and into the Financial District to Pier 7.  Don’t you guys just love Pier 7?  Amazing views, plenty of room to dance, lots of light so bikes are never out of sight and a free bathroom?  Yeah, it’s pretty great. You can see a pretty amazing video of the epic dance party that was had by all here. If you missed it, you missed out!

The SFBP Windsock leads the way to Pier 7! Photo by  Denyse

The SFBP Windsock leads the way to Pier 7! Photo by Denyse

Amazing!Photo by Calitexican

Photo by Calitexican

James carried so many toys in the Metrofiets.  Thanks, James! Photo by Calitexican

James carried so many toys in the Metrofiets. Thanks, James! Photo by Calitexican

Thanks to RideSFO for this great shot!

Thanks to RideSFO for this great shot!

After we had our fill of dancing, we headed out for one last leg back through the Financial District and into SOMA with our final stop at Showplace Triangle. We hope you enjoyed seeing the FiDi aglow with Christmas lights. It might be our favorite place to ride in the city at night.  Almost no traffic, flat, well paved streets and gorgeous architecture glowing in the city lights. Did you look up?  We hope so! After some more dancing at our last stop, a few of us headed to SFFD Station #1 to drop off our toys. Here’s a shot of the happy crew at the fire house, and the fire fighter we caught in his shorts reviewing the spoils! We also received one kids bike (Thanks again to Mark!) for The San Francisco Yellow Bike Project. If you have bike parts or complete bikes (for kids of adults) that you’d still like to donate, please don’t hesitate to contact SFYBP.  They have a shop where you can drop off parts and they will also arrange to pick up donations, by bike, of course!


Rounding out a great night at the Fire Station. Thanks to everyone who donated!!


OMG! So many toys!

Don’t forget to share your photos with us on our Flickr, you might see them featured here!

We are turning 2 in January, can you believe it!? Because we’re big kids now, we’re marking the occasion of our birth with a Terrible Twos themed ride.  Please join us to celebrate with tantrums, toddlers, tricycles and whatever else you can come up with on Friday, January 4th at 7:30 pm (Location TBD). We roll, as always, at 8:00! Ding Ding!



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  1. Awesome event! Just wanted to give a quick comment. Wireless was the brainchild of Ed (@sfdjmacguyver). We used a home stereo sharing system, not FM.

  2. a bicycle ride party that sounds like so much fun and the christmas lighted bicycle now thats so cool