SFBP #25 Terrible Twos Lookbook

Can you believe San Francisco Bike Party is turning two?! It’s amazing to think that we’ve been pulling music trailers up hills and bringing a pedal powered party to our streets for two years.  Thank you so much for sharing this adventure with us!  Please join us to celebrate our birthday with a Terrible Twos themed ride on Friday, January 4th! Meet us at Civic Center at 7:30pm. We roll at 8:00!

If you need some help putting a costume together, look no further, we’ve got you covered!

what's so terrible

I mean, we’re pretty excited about it.


Tutu, streamers and training wheels. This kid knows how to party!


A kid’s helmet will really transform your look.


Footie pajamas are all the rage! Seriously, they’re huge with the under 3 set.


We’re not kidding about tutus!

baby sleeping on a bike

Do you think you could sleep through bike party?

bike cake

Bicycle Cake! Bring some?


Does this come in adult sizes?


Are you a Disney Princess? You could be, with this amazing helmet!

extra and kids

We really hope this guy comes to bike party with his kids.


looking cool!

party hats

Don’t forget your party hats!


This is the coolest helmet we’ve ever seen!

We hope this helps you pull the perfect costume together. We are so excited to turn two and can’t wait to see you on January 4th!  Ding Ding!


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