Special Announcement: Give Back!

Hey beautiful bike party peeps!  We wanted to let you know that we’re doing something a little different this month.  Instead providing a ride, we’re asking you to give back to the community that has given so much, our beautiful city.  In lieu of participating in an organized ride, please use the time you would spend to costume up and make plans with your friends to instead give back to our city, by volunteering to build the infrastructure we need at sfbike.org or making sure there’s a bike for everyone who wants one at sfyellowbike.org or any other way you can think of to give back.

We had an unfortunate incident at last month’s bike party where we believe that some of our folks defaced the beautiful last stop at Fort Point.  The organizers were heartbroken to hear this.  This is not who we are or why we do this, and it has given us pause.  We LOVE this city, and especially the spectacularly beautiful city and federal parks we use for our party stops. We feel so lucky to call this place home and work hard to make Bike Party a part of what makes San Francisco special.  We want to contribute to a vibe that embraces and celebrates this city’s beauty.  So, with that in mind, we would like to challenge all of you to make up for that black mark by giving back to the city, and using the time you would normally be celebrating the city and our community to give something back to them.  We will.

If you have other volunteer opportunities that you would like to share, please feel free to comment with links.

We’ll be back in April energized from our personal volunteer retreats to throw the kind of positive bike experience everyone expects from Bike Party.

At Bike Party, we strive to create and maintain an environment of love and respect.  When you join us, please remember “how we ride” and encourage others to respect our friends, neighbors and environment by riding responsibly and leaving no trace: https://sfbikeparty.wordpress.com/about/how-we-ride-details/.



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12 responses to “Special Announcement: Give Back!

  1. Hi Bike Party, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition would be honored to have your volunteer help. What’s most needed right now is help ensuring the Bikes on BART March 18-22 pilot is a success. Please do sign up at https://www.sfbike.org/?bikesonbartvol

    –Kristin Smith, SF Bicycle Coalition

  2. Anon

    Sorry to hear that happened.
    Thank you for doing what you can to keep this ride positive for both the participants and the city this ride represents.
    Watching SJBP deteriorate to the point where it now requires as many cops as SFCM has been sad.

  3. Hello SFBP,
    I’m sorry to hear what happened on the last ride, hopefully this break will give folks some time to think how they ride.
    On a second note I want to invite you all to come ride your bikes this Saturday at the “Throw Down For the Bike-Go-Round” Alleykitten event (sort of an urban bike scavenger hunt). Come have some fun and support the Bike-Go-Round. More info and details at https://www.facebook.com/events/481763351884166/

    Hope to see you there 🙂

  4. goldplated

    Thank you thank you thank you, organizers! Please keep on canceling bike parties for vague reasons.

    – Hummer driver.

  5. Matt

    bummer! lately the energy has been more agro, more like critical mass, which is unfortunate. if folks want to be jerks, they should ride critical mass! if they want to be happy and spread the joy and fun, then ride Bike Party – but share the road while you’re doing it. and don’t damage or litter! good grief!

  6. Matthew Roberts

    A volunteer opportunity I really want y’alls to consider doing is at the first Sunday Streets event of 2013. It’s happening on March 10 along The Embarcadero from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. I’m confident that most, if not all, of y’alls are already familiar with Sunday Streets so I won’t get into what-it-is and what-it-ain’t.
    Anyhoos, please decide to volunteer and then contact Liza Pratt, Sunday Streets Volunteer Manager, at either liza@livablecity.org or 415-344-0489 x2.
    Volunteers get (1) a very stylish, certainly sexy and highly coveted Giants-orange t-shirt, (2) free delicious and healthy lunch and (3) the satisfaction of doing something good for a good community event.

    • missmix

      This is an awesome volunteer opportunity that we will look into ourselves and publicize to our membership. Thank you so much for taking our request seriously and providing information about ways to get involved! Ding Ding!

  7. makaha

    so … you flake on the ride hours before it was supposed to happen and feel entitled to volunteer our time to do …. WTF? this isn’t a civil rights movement. it’s a fucking bike party.

    was a bike party.

  8. Matthew Roberts

    the link to quickly and easily sign-up to volunteer for Sunday Streets is
    Volunteer shifts are for only 3 hours.
    Sunday Streets relies heavily on volunteers and the events would not happen without the wonderful people like y’alls. So, please, sign-up.