SFBP #27 City Lights: Beatniks and Bridges LookBook

According Wikipedia, the great knower of all things, “The word “beatnik” was coined by Herb Caen in an article in the San Francisco Chronicle on April 2, 1958.” We believe it, so we’re celebrating with a party on bikes!  If you need help with your look, we’ve got you covered (in black!).  Don’t forget your Bongos!

jack Ks grave under water

On the Road or Under the Sea?
Image via here

jack Ks grave under water

The Frisco Kid: And some of his friends
Image via here

little boy bike beret

Most adorable beatnik EVER!

sofia loren beat style on a bike

This is Sophia Loren, in Polka Dot pants, ON A BIKE!

turtle next and shorts girl

All you really need is a black turtle neck.

allen ginsberg

This is Allen Ginsberg. He’s an OB (Original Beatnik).

beatnik winged liner

A good winged liner will really enhance your beatnik look.

dutch bike and camera lady

Don’t forget your camera! Send us your pictures via Facebook or tag us #sfbikeparty on instagram. We love to see your costumes! You might even see your shots featured in a future blog post! Tag away, friends!

We can’t wait to get On The Road with you!  Meet us behind the Ferry Building at 7:30 pm, Friday, April 5th.  We roll, man, roll at 8:00.  Get ready, Daddy-O!



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4 responses to “SFBP #27 City Lights: Beatniks and Bridges LookBook

    • missmix

      The map is up now. It’s also usually posted on our Facebook page the day before the ride. The blog sometimes lags a little bit behind.

  1. Yay! So excited.
    I love this theme. See you tonight

    DJ Bike Pretty