SFBP #28 May Flowers Recap

We may not have much in the way of seasons here in San Francisco, but spring was definitely in the air on Friday, May 3rd. You all made a truly beautiful bouquet in all of your floral finery. We had perfect weather, visitors from near and far, and even some tall bikes! This was a special Bike Party for yours truly and you filled me with so much love.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now, let’s get to it, shall we?

We started the ride at the beautiful Balboa Park and rolled out along Ocean Ave. towards the beach.  How lovely to start a ride with the sun still shining! All the better to see your costumes!

logo larry windmill at the start

May flowers invade the baseball field at Balboa Park. Photo by Logo Larry

Paper flowers

Paper flowers for the win! Photo by @chinstrap

mix and denyse

Sun Flower Power! Photo by Valerie Bykova

Sree super volunteer

Sree is looking super in green floral! Many thanks for volunteering, Sree! Photo by Valerie Bykova

flower jump @jollymurrell

These flower children are ready to ride! Photo by @jollymurrell

We absolutely love to ride along Ocean Ave! It’s wide, flat and, you guessed it, goes all the way to the Ocean! Did you enjoy the first leg? Many thanks to the volunteers who helped out with turns along the way.  Your help is essential and we love you for it. Make sure to tell your friends about how much fun you have directing traffic and giving high fives as Bike Party rolls by!

bikes at pelican beach ku

Bike Party lights up the night at Pelican Beach! Photo by @ku1313


Partier Lia (who was visiting from Philly!) shows her excitement about SFBP! Check out her glowing bike. She covered her frame in super reflective tape. It looks great!

At the beach we got a very special treat! Our friend and BP volunteer Find brought cream puffs from Beard Papa! They were delicious!  Thank you so much.  If you didn’t get one, you missed out!

find cream puffs

Looking fly modeling those amazing Beard Papa Cream Puffs! Photo by @chinstrap

Mix and cream puff

DELICIOUS! Photo by @chinstrap

After chowing down at the beach, we headed out for one more leg through the Sunset to Golden Gate Park. Riding through the park always feels so special because we get to leave most of the cars behind and really crank up the tunes. We brought our floral finery to the Conservatory of Flowers for one final stop and dance party. This fine lady even got in on the fun!

logo larry statue saftey third

Safety First! Photo by Logo Larry

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate and ride with us.  It was a big weekend for Bay Area cycling and several members of the Midnight Ridazz (who were in town for Hella Big Bike Party) came out to show their support. We hope you all had an awesome time.  We even had some visitors from Germany! Carolin from Bochum and Henrietta from Wuppertal were traveling in the Bay Area when they heard about SFBP from the people they were staying with.  Although they didn’t have bikes, they thought it might be fun, so they reached out on Facebook to ask for help finding bikes to ride.  With a little help from our friends, they secured bikes and were able to join in on the fun.  Survey says they had an awesome time!  Big ups to our community for making it happen for Carolin and Henrietta!

We’ve recently been awarded Best Group Bike Ride by SFWeekly’s Best of the Bay Series.  We are so thrilled to have made the list again in 2013 and work hard to make Bike Party the best that it can be every month.  Thank you, SFWeekly.  If you think SFBP really is the best group bike ride in the Bay, and you want to be more involved, please consider volunteering to take a turn, coming on a test ride, or even joining our planning committee.  Follow us on Facebook for more info on ways to get involved.

Our next Bike Party is coming up on June 7th and we’ll be rocking and rolling in musical style.  The theme will be Musical Icons, so come dressed as your favorite iconic musician!  Wackiest musician is also up for grabs.  Whatever you do, make sure you’re ready to party.  Meet us at Civic Center at 7:30pm.  We rock and roll at 8:00!


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