SFBP #30 Robot Revolution Recap


The Robot Army united under a banner of mechanical freedom this month. It was wonderful to see the ingenuity of your costumes and interpretations of the July theme! Foil was definitely the queen of the ride. Keep ’em coming cause we know you got it in you!!

As it is every month, we couldn’t do this ride without our core of awesome volunteers. Thank you! Because of you our revolution machine ran without a hitch. Want to help, but don’t know how? It’s easy enough; sign up for a turn. What’s a turn, you say? It’s a mini party stop with you and a few of your closest friends as you help direct the ride and help make Bike Party run smoothly. Come find a volunteer organizer with a blue sash next month to sign up and help!

The Gathering (photo by Carina Lomeli)

SFBP #30 Robot Revolution

Handmade silver awesomeness! (photo from Hapa Rider)

SFBP #30 Robot Revolution

Adam & Cathy tandem robots! (photo from Hapa Rider)

Star Wars ALWAYS WINS! (photo from Rasta Dave)

SFBP #30 Robot Revolution

Mike iphone 15 (photo credit Hapa Rider)

SFBP #30 Robot Revolution

Derek made his robot friend from repurposed lab supplies (photo from Hapa Rider)

SFBP #30 Robot Revolution

Steven, Booth, and friend! Even with some low tech Google Glasses! (photo from Hapa Rider)

SFBP #30 Robot Revolution

No need to turn on this robot, she’s got it! (photo by Hapa Rider)

Robots are BORING…(photo by Carina Lomeli)

Chasing the San Francisco sunset (photo by Carina Lomeli)

No discriminating here, one wheeled robots are always welcome! (photo by Carina Lomeli)

Ocean beach – Party Stop #1 (photo Carina Lomeli)


Chopper Dave’s newest chopper (photo by Kristin Tieche)


Ocean beach was a little cold for our humanoid riders (photo by Kristin Tieche)


TRONing it! (photo by Kristin Tieche)


The robot made it to the beach! (photo by Kristin Tieche)


Robot reflections (photo by Kristin Tieche)


The revolution will not be motorized! (photo by Kristin Tieche)

Beachy rebels (photo by Rasta Dave)


Some pros just go! (photo by Kristin Tieche)


Party stop at Ocean beach (photo by Kristin Tieche)

These hills were NOTHING to our machine powered pedalbots! But hills always mean great views. And this ride was not lacking in that department. The warm, wind-free pocket we had at Sutro Heights Park was the perfect place to cool down our hard drives and watch the fires burn on Ocean Beach.

Take the high ground to win the war.

Capturing the high ground to win the war! (photo Carina Lomeli)

The captured flag (photo by Carina Lomeli)

The rebellion burns bright in the night (photo by Carina Lomeli)

Lighting the revolution! (photo by Carina Lomeli)

Best views of the night (photo by Carina Lomeli)

The battle, let alone the war would not have been won without you. So please keep up the support! The revolution will not be motorized and our bicycles are the vehicles of change!! The rebels will be trading our revolution gear for bug spray and floaty wings as we head to camp. Join us on August 2nd as SF Bike Party heads to Summer Camp. Meet your counselors at 7:30pm on August 2nd. Your ride to camp rolls out at 8:00 sharp! Check back for further details and costume ideas in our Lookbook for August.

And when in doubt, BIKE PARTY!!


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