SFBP #32 Fleet Week LookBook

Join us on Friday, September 6th for an evening of Bombers and Bombshells, Aircraft Carriers and Navy Seals! The sequester may have canceled the Blue Angels, but we can still ride bikes in formation! Hie Hie Hee for SF Bike Party!

If you need help with your look for Friday night, look no further.  We have some great ideas to get your wings flapping! Check it out. We can’t wait to see what you come up with at Bike Party! Ding Ding!


In 1943, Charles B. Hall became the first black fighter pilot to down an enemy aircraft. Hall was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his valor in this World War II action. His squadron presented him with its own reward, a chilled bottle of Coke, a precious commodity in the Mediterranean theater. Hall was a member of the 99th Fighter Squadron.

woman fighter pilot

This is what a full flight suit looks like. Better get sewing!


These old school Navy uniforms are really where it’s at.

skipper pin up

Shore leave in San Tropez anyone?


Don’t forget to kiss your sailor!

sailor moon bike

Sailor Moon rides a bike, and looks great doing it.

sailor couple on bike

This is probably the best picture ever. A sailor and his girl on a bicycle built for two. Swoon!

pin up wing

So much depends on the white captain’s hat.


This is a small child dressed as Maverick from Top Gun, wearing a mini fighter jet. We will hug you if you show up in this outfit, no joke.


Make an airplane out of cardboard. Then put it on your bike.

handle bar airplane

Or just put this on your bike.

flight suits

Everyone loves coveralls!

fighter-pilot helmet on

Watch the canopy!


Liu Yang, China’s first woman in space. Astronauts are totally appropriate for Fleet Week!

Cardboard Jet_adults

We have lift off!

bike friendly sailor outfits

Dress like a sailor, ride your bike. Done.

Photo of Bessie Coleman

This is Bessie Coleman. She was the first black female pilot. Rock on, Bessie!

airforce cover all for your dog

Your dog has always wanted to be a fighter pilot. Top gun is his favorite movie.

We hope this helps  you come up with the perfect outfit! Meet us at Cupid’s Span at 7:30 on Friday, September 6th.  We take off at 8:00!



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2 responses to “SFBP #32 Fleet Week LookBook

  1. So inspiring you guys! I’m in love with Bessie Coleman’s boots.