SFBP #31 Summer Camp Recap

Summer camp is over. We’ve returned home and unpacked all our treasures from our summer away from home. Friendship bracelets, shells, colored rocks, feathers, and friendships that will last us the rest of our lives. On a balmy San Francisco night a few hundred campers joined us as we cycled through the memories of our childhood summer camps.


SFBP Camp Counselors ready to greet the campers! (foto by Haparider)


Crafty camper ready for engineer camp! (foto by calitexican)


Campers warming their hands by the music fire (foto by calitexican)


You can never forget your first summer camp crush (foto by calitexican)


Friendship bracelets for EVERYONE! (foto by calitexican)


Your ride to science camp is ready (foto by calitexican)


Sun protection is a hot commodity at summer camp (foto by calitexican)


These campers are excited to roll out to our next stop (foto by calitexican)


“Campers your care packages are available for pick up at the main office!” (foto by calitexican)


Campers with cold weather sweaters (foto by calitexican)


Happy Campers!! (foto by calitexican)


Canadian lumberjack axman camp o_O (foto by calitexican)

This camper was tuckered out! (foto Kaveh Astaneh)

These campers are excited for camp fire sing-a-long! (foto by Kaveh Astaneh)

Party stop (foto by Rasta Dave)

City Hall (foto Rasta Dave)

We want to remind folks to lock up their bikes when at the party stops. Be mindful of your surroundings, on and off the bike. But remember have fun and when in doubt BIKE PARTY!! See you all at the next bike party, FIRST FRIDAY of the MONTH. Meet up at 7:30PM roll out at 8PM!


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