Recap: SFBP #34 Haunted House


This Halloween hangover was no hangover at all! What a beautiful night, a beautiful ride and lots of amazing outfits. Thanks to everyone who rolled through and helped make us have another wonderful Bike Party! Want to help make Bike Party awesome? Come out, volunteer and take a turn. It’s easy and you can do it with your friends. We had about 300 ghouls, goblins and ghosts join us at Dolores Park Playground as we gathered for our 34th Bike Party!


This skeleton is ready to ride bikes! (foto by sfbp)

Bikes coming out to play at Bike Party! (foto by Kaveh Astaneh)


Everyone is dressing up (foto by sfbp)


Unicorns abound! (foto by sfbp)


Flying Squirrels! (foto by sfbp)


These folks are ready to BIKE PARTY! (foto by sfbp)

These two have got it right (foto by Ganesh Chandra)


Born to ride (foto by sfbp)


Tall bikes & RideSFO folks are always down to Bike Party! (foto by sfbp)


*shudder* (foto by sfbp)


The call to ride out!! (foto by sfbp)


Not only is her outfit stylish, she’s hella safe as well! (foto by sfbp)

Overlooking the party (foto by Edward Scott)


This chicken is ready to ride some bikes (foto by sfbp)


Cookie monsters & Valkyries, what could go wrong? (foto by sfbp)


Chopper Dave, always bringing the cool (foto by sfbp)


Monsters! (foto by sfbp)

Traveling Bike Party (foto by Kaveh Astaneh)

Do NOT try this at home, Mark is a professional…(foto by Kaveh Astaneh)


Fire spinner at the last party stop (foto by sfbp)

Watch an awesome video of the fire spinning here:


Club Kid, hiker and Cruella de Vil (foto by sfbp)


Monsters underfoot (foto by sfbp)


Monsters all around! (foto by sfbp)

Thank you again to all our wonderful volunteers, turn-guides and music bike riders. You all make Bike Party a party! Please join us for our next ride on December 6th.  We are going down the rabbit hole, and we are bringing our bikes! WINTER IN WONDERLAND! Meet up at 7:30PM roll out at 8PM. Location TBA.

And in the spirit of the holidays, we’ll once again be hosting a toy drive! Bring new stuffed animals, whoopie cushions, legos and hot wheels, and we’ll drop them off at a fire station at the end of the party. Have a cargo bike and willing to collect toys on the ride? Send us a message, we’d love your help!


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