SFBP #50: Let It Snow

What’s that we see? A clear sky?!

We can hardly believe it, but it looks like there will be NO RAIN for our Let It Snow bike party tonight! To celebrate, let’s cover this town in a light dusting of fresh bike partiers! Bring out your best winter whites, your faux furs and pom pom hats.  Let’s pretend we love that wintery mix!


Come find us tonight in Duboce Park at 7:30, we roll at 8:00! Ding Ding!

Route: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/6496000


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One response to “SFBP #50: Let It Snow

  1. B

    To one of my fellow Bike Partiers,
    During one of the downhill portions of the ride last night:
    I did not stay in the right lane.
    I did not ride predictably and in control.
    I was wrong.
    I am sorry that my reckless cycling caused you to crash.
    Hope you are ok this morning.
    Again, my apologies.