SFBP #52 – The Coven LookBook

Well my pretties, something witchy this way comes…

It’s a coven of Bike Partiers! That’s right, we’ll be casting a spell on the streets of San Francisco on Friday, May 1st, and you’re invited.  Dust off your broom, pull out your cape and fill up your cauldron, it’s the witching hour! If you live under some rock and have never seen a real witch before (are you from Kansas or something?) then we’ve got you covered in black right here!  Meet us at Cupid’s Span at 7:30pm, we go brooms up at 8:00, sharp! Bwahahahahaha!

High fashion witch (via vogue.com)

Summon the coven….it’s tea time!

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A coven gets an early start with the younglings (via buzzfeed.com)

This priestess knows


You are! (via giphy.com)

All black (via n-nyx.polyvore.com)


Every witch needs a crown (image via strangelycompelling.tumblr.com)

It's not easy being green!

It’s not easy being green!

This young witch is on point (via skimbacolifestyle.com)

Your bike is your magic broom! (via caa.org.nz)

Even all you good witches!


Every witch way (image via fromasia-withlove.tumblr.com)

Every witch needs a bike for those extra windy days (via Bikepretty.com)

Don't let the house go down on me!

Don’t let the house go down on me!

The coven will gather under the moonlight (via W Magazine)

Gandalf’s outfit is on point

Make your own wizard hat (via http://www.sallypointer.com/gandalfhat.htm)

Create your own spiderweb cape (via deliacreates.com)

nuff said (via gifhy.com)






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