SFBP #56: Put a Bird On It Lookbook

Just when you thought San Francisco Bike Party couldn’t get any better, we’re putting a bird on it!

That’s right—pull out all the feathers you could never bring to Burning Man and fly away with us. Whether you are a murder of crows, a parliament of owls or a bird of paradise, we want to see you show off your biggest and brightest peacock feathers! Need some style inspiration?  We’ve got you covered in a nice down comforter.  We can’t wait to see you put a bird on it!

Bird on toast


Bike Party is brought to you by the letters S.F.B.P. Big Bird is in the house!

Bird Fascinator

She definitely put a bird on it!

Birds Costume_2

This look is definitely for The Birds


Put a bird on your bike!

The Crow

Did you know that Eric Draven likes to ride a bike in his spare time?


This is a light up bike horn and you need to put it                                        on your bike.

Upcycle Bird

upcycle a beautiful bird costume, why don’t you?

Better bird on bike tshirt shot

Put on a t-shirt that put a bird on a bicycle.

Owl Kit

Put on a bike jersey with Owls on it!

No headdresses!

Do not put a headdress on it. Cultural appropriation (unless it’s bike culture) is                                                           never in line with our theme.


Meet us on Friday, September 4th in Potrero del Sol Park at 7:30pm.  We take flight and 8:00! Ding Ding


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