SFBP #58: Falling Back!

It’s that time again friends, when the leaves change and the air is crisp and you get to break out those cozy sweaters and oh…wait… We forgot where we were for a second. We live in San Francisco, so it’s still pretty much summer here. But hot or not, we can’t stop the (bike) wheels of time from turning.  November’s Bike Party is “Falling Back” and bidding adieu to that lovely extra hour of sun.  Whether you beard-it-up as Father Time, roll in a pile of fall leaves or get celestial as the sun or moon, put your best (clock) face forward and join us!


sky makeup

Celestial Eyes!

clock on a bike

Don’t forget to set your bikes er…clocks back an hour!


If you can find enough fall leaves in SF to make a pile, roll in them!

back wheel clock

Set your watch by your bike!


These probably can’t replace a bike helmet, but we’re sure you can make them work!


Minimalist wheel clock

Old Father Time

Father time won’t stop for you, but Bike Party makes several stops, woohoo!

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!  Meet us at the Ferry Building on November 6th at 7:30pm.  Despite the imminent time change, we’ll be rolling out at 8:00!



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4 responses to “SFBP #58: Falling Back!

  1. Octavia

    What is the route?

  2. Is this real? I am very interested in going to a bike ride party. I didn’t know that such thing exist. Please email me back with confirmation that this is real. I would greatly appreciate it I have a nice bike in a costume.

    Skylor mcdonald

    November 6

  3. Which ferry building? How do I find this?

  4. Hi, Thanks to the volunteers who do so much to make this happen.
    I miss the ride art that people (Hugh, Larry, Meligrosa and others) used to make for many of the rides. That’s a pic of my wheel at the top of the flickr group pool page. I’d make spoke cards to spread the word at work and as I rode. I have a new job now and unfortunately all my SFBP ride art is out of date. If anyone is feeling artistic anytime soon I’ll gladly make a few dozen spoke cards to give away during the ride.