SFBP #95 – Birthday Ride

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It’s our birthday! Can you believe we are already 8 years old?! Time flies when you are having fun! Join us for our annual exaltation of all things “Bike” and “Party”!

Meet at Civic Center at 7:30pm on Friday, January 4th.  We roll at 8:00!

How We Ride
+ Stay in the RIGHT lane
+ Stop at RED lights
+ Leave no trace
+ Ride predictably & in control
+ Roll past conflict
+ Ride prepared
+ When in doubt, BIKE PARTY!

UPDATE  2019/Jan/4

Route:  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29123326


SFBP #95  Birthday Ride  Jan. 4, 2019
Start:  Civic Center, Larkin/McAllister
left onto Larkin St     0.0 mi
left onto McAllister St     0.1 mi
right onto Polk St     0.2 mi
left onto Chestnut St     1.7 mi
right onto Broderick Street     2.9 mi
left onto North Point Street     3.1 mi
left onto Baker Street     3.2 mi
right onto Bay Street    3.2 mi
right     3.3 mi
Stop 1:  Palace of Fine Arts
left onto Bay Street    3.4 mi
right onto Baker Street    3.4 mi
left onto Bay Street    3.5 mi
right onto Broderick Street    3.6 mi
left onto Chestnut St     3.7 mi
right onto Fillmore St    4.1 mi
left onto Union St     4.4 mi
right onto Octavia St     4.8 mi
left onto Green St     4.8 mi
right onto Polk St     5.2 mi
right onto Pacific Ave     5.4 mi
left onto Buchanan St     5.9 mi
left onto Washington St    6.1 mi
right     6.2 mi
Stop 2:  Lafayette Park
right toward Washington St     6.4 mi
left onto Washington St     6.4 mi
left onto Steiner St     6.9 mi
right onto Fulton St     7.8 mi
right onto Lyon St     8.4 mi
right onto McAllister St     8.4 mi
right onto Baker St     8.5 mi
right onto Fulton St     8.6 mi
left onto Central Ave     8.8 mi
right onto Haight St     9.2 mi
left onto Cole St     9.6 mi
right onto Frederick St     9.8 mi
left onto Arguello Blvd     10.2 mi
right onto Hugo St     10.3 mi
right onto 5th Ave     10.5 mi
right onto MLK Jr Dr     10.6 mi
Slight left Bowling Green Dr     10.7 mi
right     11.0 mi
Stop 3:  Koret Playground

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