SF Bike Party #103 Back to School!


Friday Sept. 6, 2019

Start:Β  Duboce Park, San Francisco, CA

Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31042683

Join us for Bike Party #103 – Back to School! Summers over and school is back in session! Wear your back-to-school finest and say goodbye to summer as we cruise the city!

Don’t forget lights, layers and a sense of adventure! Meet up at 7:30pm roll out at 8:00pm.
+ Stay in the RIGHT lane
+ Stop at RED lights
+ Leave no trace
+ Ride predictably & in control
+ Roll past conflict
+ Ride prepared
+ When in doubt, BIKE PARTY!


Left on Steiner St
Left on Waller St
Right on Pierce St
Left on Haight St
Right on Scott St
Left on Fell St into bike lane
Follow bike lane into Panhandle
Right at Shrader St
Left onto Fell St bike lane
JFK Drive through the park
Right to stay on JFK near Beach Chalet
Cross Great Highway

Party stop at Ocean Beach

Cross Great Highway onto JFK
Left/U-turn at Spreckels Lake
Right on 36th Ave
Right on Balboa St
Left on 35th Ave
Right on Anza St
Left on 34th Ave
Cont onto Legion of Honor Drive

Party stop and Legion of Honor
(In case there’s an event at Legion of Honor I would suggest that we keep the ride on the side walk away from the actual LoH entrance.)

Left on El Camino Del Mar
Left onto driveway at Legion of Honor
Leave roundabout near SFRPD bathrooms
Left turn onto dirt path
Right at Y split
Curb drop onto paved road
Right on Ft Miley 3
Use sidewalk if gate is closed
Sharp left on Veterans Drive
Left on Clement St
Right on 17th Ave
Left on Cabrillo St
Right on 8th Ave
Right on JFK
Left on Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive
Follow multi purpose path to Rideout Fountain


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