SF Bike Party #114: Ride de Muertos

Friday November 5th 7:30pm, 2021
Gathering at: Cupid’s Span
Route: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1OQGy79HuNgeKJFa4xBh8bg-yV0scypCV

Decorate yourself or your bike with skulls and flowers to celebrate our dearly departed!

Everyone take good care of each other and keep everyone safe!

How We Ride
-Stay in the RIGHT lane
-Stop at RED lights
-Leave no trace
-Ride predictably & in control
-Roll past conflict
-Ride prepared

When in doubt, BIKE PARTY!


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One response to “SF Bike Party #114: Ride de Muertos

  1. Davud

    Thank you for a fun ride!